Zero to $2,000/Month With Pinterest

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Zero to $2,000/Month With Pinterest

Did you know you can make money with Pinterest? There are tons of ways to do this. Keep reading to learn about the MOST LUCRATIVE way to put Pinterest to work for you so you can quickly go from zero to $2,000/month with Pinterest!

Making Money with Pinterest

Zero to $2,000/Month With Pinterest

You can ramp up your income to two grand per month as a Pinterest social media manager.

This means you will be managing Pinterest for other companies and brands. You can book multiple clients and make several thousand dollars per month. Yes, get paid to play on social media! I’ve been doing this for years. Here’s how to get started…

Getting Started as  a Pinterest Manager

Zero to $2,000/Month With Pinterest

First, you have to set your pricing. Treat this like a business because it truly is. Make a list of the services you’ll provide revolving around Pinterest. Here are some examples:

  • Creating Pinterest-friendly images
  • Organizing and optimizing the Pinterest account
  • Reaching out to join group boards
  • Growing the Pinterest fanbase for the company

Then, set your price. This is entirely up to you. When I first started, I would do a package for clients, like the one above and charge around $300/month. As my experience grew and I strengthened my skillset, I began charging $600 to $1,200/month. This is NOT a guide. Keep that in mind.

Next up, get clients.

How do you do that? The easiest and fastest way is to go to freelancer banks like Upwork or Freelancer. This is NOT the most lucrative way, by the way. Upwork and similar job sites tend to pay very low. If your rate is $600/month, expect to possibly work jobs at a 50% discount or less.

I see Pinterest jobs all the time that request a budget of $50 to $100/month.

Know your worth and narrow in on your parameters to find quality, well-paying gigs.

Lastly, work and get paid.

Before you start your gig, make sure you clearly communicate with the client. Make sure you understand their expectations and keep strong communication throughout the process.

Success Tips

Here are some winning tips I’ve come across along the way:

  • Get organized
  • Don’t overbook yourself (but if you do, outsource)
  • Clearly communicate your objectives with your client
  • Don’t undercut yourself on pay
  • Be consistent

Final Thoughts

Real money can be had on Pinterest, don’t be fooled.

Consider this..

1 client=4 hours/week at $600/mo.

3 clients=12 hours/week at $1,800/mo

6 clients=24 hours/week at $3,600/mo

Work part time, earn full time income.  Are you doing this? If so, share your best practices down below in comments!

Psstt..if you have your own blog, you can make even more money with Pinterest. I get most of my traffic from Pinterest and its helped me make $10K+ monthly!

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Zero to $2,000/Month With Pinterest

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Zero to $2,000/Month With Pinterest

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