This Tool Makes Your Blog Money Overnight

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This Little Tool Makes Your Blog Money Literally Overnight

What is it? It’s a tool that I’ve been using for 3 years. It gives me peace of mind, saves tons of time, gets me traffic and earns me money on my blog. I have used it on the 12+ blogs I have created and will never consider giving it up. Keep reading to learn about this awesome Pinterest scheduler, including what it does that makes it so special for bloggers.

Making Money with Tailwind

Tailwind is a social media scheduling tool that helps you schedule your posts on autopilot. So, why is this useful? Because it saves you so much time. Time is money and the time saved on tedious social media scheduling means you can dedicate yourself to other parts of your blogging business.

Social media transforms businesses.

It’s amazing because it can be a free way to help get your blog exposure, meet and connect with readers, get ideas for your blog, make money, increase traffic and many more benefits.

And this is all WITHOUT venturing into paid social media ads!

Social Media Success Stories

I used social media to build a store from nothing into something. It started with a couple posts a week. Then, it morphed into 3-6 posts daily and tons of interaction with customers. So much interaction that I had to hire a VA to help me manage all the inquiries and questions!

I used social media to grow my Instagram following on one account from zero to nearly 40K in less than a year!

I used social media to help me turn a startup blog into a near-six figure monthly trafficked site, earning around $13,000 in the FIRST 45 DAYS!

I can go on and on.

Social media is awesome and it in order to get good at it and get rewarded with traffic, which translates to blog earnings, you NEED TO BE ACTIVE!

That means posting often, engaging with your readers, engaging with posts and other content, updating your posts and profile, etc.

Getting Started with Tailwind

Once you grab your free 2 week trial (they often run these), you’ll get full access to the site to play around with scheduling up to 400 posts! To begin, you’ll be taken to your dashboard.

Once you look around, you’ll be able to do many things to help fully automate your social media posting. You’ll want to create Board Lists first.

These are groups of boards put in a collection to help make your pinning easier. For example, you’ll gather all your food boards and create a board list for foods. You can gather all your social media boards and do the same. Rinse and repeat on your fashion boards, etc. When it’s time to source pins, you can pin to board lists instead of individual boards, which makes the process so much faster. Take a look…

Another cool feature is your schedule. You can set how many times you want your pins to go out daily. Ten times a day, fifty times a day, whatever you want.

You are going to love how easy it is to get started with Tailwind!

Final Recap

Tailwind is awesome.

If you want to…

  • Automate your social media posting
  • Grow your traffic like gangbusters with little effort
  • Outsource your social media to affordable software
  • Monitor your social media growth and analytics easily at your fingertips

Then, Tailwind is for you!

Grab your FREE 2-week trial right here to take a look!

This little tool gets you blog traffic overnight

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This little tool gets you blog traffic overnight

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A Infinite Step
3 years ago

I used Tailwind free trial and it was amazing, but what I didn’t like was that it didn’t give the 9-Grid like other apps

Bobbie Carrigan
Bobbie Carrigan
3 years ago

great article – and it’s nice to have a 2 week trial period.

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