The perfect side hustle for introverts

The Perfect Side Hustle for Introverts

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The Perfect Side Hustle for Introverts

The perfect side hustle for introverts

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Hey introvert, are you looking for a great side hustle where you can truly be yourself? No big speeches, public presentations, networking events, etc.

Just a quiet, fun job great for the introverted person. Keep reading to learn about this lucrative side hustle that can transform your income and help you make a great living working from home.

Meet Blogging

It’s blogging. Yes, blogging.  Work from your peaceful home (or a library or Starbucks, or anywhere you’d like) and churn out quality articles educating readers about what you are passionate about.

You’re gonna read all my experiences with blogging including why I decided to break into this field, my successes and fails, my income and more. Here we go..

Why Blogging?

Blogging is great because there is so much flexibility. As I shared above, you work anywhere you have an internet connection. You can pick and choose your topics of choice, write to your hearts content and make money doing it. Plus, there are some pretty incredible perks I’ll let you in on a little later down this post.

By the way, when you’re ready to start blogging, this easy tutorial will help you get started in just minutes and be on your way to earning income and gaining an audience in no time.

Blogging is awesome because of the income potential. Like, this blogger, who earns over $50K per month with her blog.  She explains how she does it and teaches her method too.  There are many more success stories like this.

My Start in Blogging?

The perfect side hustle for introverts

It was nearly 3 years ago. I was burnt out running my ecommerce store. So, I started stepping back from the store a bit and outsourcing the more tedious activities I hated doing. With that extra time, I started writing. I had a ton of experience about business, starting a business, marketing, social media, etc. So, that’s what I wrote about!

When the opportunity to sell my store came shortly after, I took advantage.

On the cusp of selling my store for nearly six figures, I was in blogging full force. It was a difference pace than ecommerce, it was driven by me, instead of driven by trends, the market, etc. I had a lot more control and it was totally flexible.

That first blog turned 9 months old before I sold it (at a nice profit) and moved onto the next blog (did I mention I flip blogs?)

Today, I still blog, as it’s a huge passion of mine. Educating readers, sharing my experiences, connecting, I love it!

Wrap Up

I’m an introvert. I’ve been forced to be extroverted at company events, work things, heading up departments and meetings and presentations, etc. Blogging lets me hide behind my computer and be me. I don’t ever feel put on the spot or forced to be a personality that’s not my own.

If you’re like me, you will LOVE blogging.

Looking to make it your full time job? You totally can. I did!

My advice: be patient, don’t give it, try to stay consistent and be true to yourself.

Questions? Head to my contact page to hit me up. I’d love to chat with you!

The perfect side hustle for introverts

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The perfect money making side hustle for introverts

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