The best work from home jobs for busy mamas

The Best Work from Home Jobs for Busy Mamas

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Hey mama, are you busy working from home or being a stay at home mom to your kids? Looking for a flexible way to make your own money from home. Keep reading to learn about the best work from home jobs for busy mamas. Make your own schedule, earn a lucrative side hustle or full time income with these opportunities. Check it out…

Work from Home for Busy Moms

Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a personal assistant who works virtually. Some typical duties may include:

  • Answering phone calls and/or emails
  • Contacting customers or prospects
  • Setting meetings
  • Emailing newsletters
  • Managing social media

Your job is to help your boss manage the day-to-day of their job. VA’s have a flexible schedule and can usually coordinate work times with their boss to make time for important things like picking kids up from school, appointments, and such.

Some VA positions allow you to work ANYTIME you want, 8am CST or 2 in the morning!  Each virtual assistant job will be different and come with it’s own set of duties and responsibilities.

How much can you make?

You can earn $10 to $25/hour working as a VA. The hours can range from part time to full time and you can find opportunities in many places including:

  • Upwork and other freelance networks
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook and other social networks
  • Careerbuilder and other job sites like this
  • Remote and other work from home banks

Social Media Manager

Get paid to play on social media all day? Yes! And, guess what? I DO THIS! It is the most fun job ever. As a social media manager your job will be to manage social networks for brands, bloggers, and companies of all sizes.

Your duties may include creating and executing a posting schedule, liking/following/commenting/engaging with users, answering DMs, and more. If you love social networks, this job may be for you!

How much can you make?

Social media managers can earn up to six figures annually! And, many do. This is becoming a more mainstream career so if you are looking for a permanent, higher paying gig, head to job banks like Careerbuilder or LinkedIn to find jobs available.

If you are wanting something more flexible with less hours, Upwork is your best choice.

As a social media manager, you can have one client or multiple clients so the opportunity to scale up and make a LOT of money definitely exists.

Work as a Freelancer

Freelancer, freelancer. What exactly does that mean? Basically, you have a skill and you’ll be getting paid to exercise those skills, in a freelance capacity. This means you’ll be a contractor not an employee. As a contractor certain freedoms exist but your pay will likely be lower with less benefits.

Here are some freelance jobs that might be suitable:

  • Copywriter
  • Graphic designer
  • Voiceover artist
  • Video editor
  • Social media consultant or assistant
  • Virtual assistant
  • Tutor
  • Illustrator

The list goes on and on. Just about any skill can be used on a freelance basis. Take an examination of your skills and figure out what work you can do as a freelancer.

I’ve been freelancing for a few years now, off and on.  I love it because it’s an extra income that I enjoy, I get to practice using my skills, and develop relationships with important people in the industry.

To find work, hit up Craigslist, Upwork, or Freelancer.

Transcriptionist at Home

You can do transcription work. If you have strong listening skills and excellent at typing, you’ll enjoy this detailed job that will have the hours fly by. Learn more about pay, opportunities, and companies hiring, before you apply.

Become a Dropshipper

Dropshipping is so lucrative and as a small business owner, this work from home opportunity is super flexible. You will source goods from suppliers and dropship orders as they come in. You never touch inventory, supplies, or packaging. Easy!

You’ll be responsible for creating an attractive, professional-looking store and getting customers. If you have a background in marketing or a fast learner, you’ll love this!

I did dropshipping for years. It allowed me to earn over six figures and QUIT my corporate day job!


Break into Surveys

There’s some real money in surveys, though not the full-time income kind. Surveys are completely flexible. Use those few minutes in bed in the morning lying there to complete some surveys. Complete a few on your lunch break, while the baby naps, during your quiet time, etc. I’ve made thousands with surveys.

My favorite are the high paying ones I shared in this article.

You can make $50 to $400 per survey! 

I have done several in these in the past few weeks, earning PayPal cash and Amazon gift cards that I use to buy some really cool stuff for the house.

Wrap Up

The best work from home jobs for busy mamas

I hope you found some real value in these work from home opportunities. There’s a little something for everyone in this roundup. Have some ideas to contribute? Comment down below so we can keep adding to the list!


The best work from home jobs for busy mamas

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The best work from home jobs for busy mamas

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