10 Easy Ways to Save Money for Vacation

10 Easy Ways to Save Money for Vacation

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It’s a new year and you are already ready for vacation!  Half of the excitement for vacation comes from the planning. Choosing your destination, picking out your vacation wear, planning events and entertainment, etc.  But, wait! How are you going to save for that vacation?  If you’re like many, living paycheck to paycheck or just getting by, vacation may feel out of reach but it doesn’t have to be.  Keep reading to learn these 10 easy ways to save money for vacation.  These come in handy for boosting you savings account and emergency fund too!

Ideas to Save Money for Vacation

Vacation planning? Wondering how you can do it without living paycheck to paycheck? Take a look at these 10 tried and tested savings strategies to help you save money for vacation

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1. Lower Your Food Costs

Some costs can be cut or reduced, while others can’t. Food is one of those expenses that can afford to be trimmed without making you feel like you’re sacrificing. Here are some top tips to help cut your food budget:

  • Limit or eliminate eating out
  • Make a grocery list
  • Never shop for groceries hungry
  • Use savings apps
  • Shop groceries less throughout the month

These tips are pretty self-explanatory. Limiting costly meals out will help save money. Making a list and not shopping on an empty stomach will make you a smarter food shopper, keeping you organized and avoiding having you throw extras into your grocery cart.

Use savings apps! Here are some favorites you’ll enjoy:


Ibotta is a grocery saving app that lets you add cash back with scanning grocery receipts, scoping out the best sales and deals and more. It’s free to use and you can get a free $10 sign on bonus when you join, depending on the current offer!

Checkout 51

Buy groceries and get cash back with Checkout 51.  It’s a free app available on Android and Iphone.

2. Pick a Cheap Destination

You can save big if you select an affordable destination. That means instead of choosing a pricey tropical island, maybe you take a roadtrip instead. Or, choose an in-state vacation spot instead of driving cross-country.

3. Travel in a Group

10 Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Vacation

Solo travel can be fun but if you travel and stay as a group, you can slash your vacation costs big time! Think about it! Share hotel room, split restaurant fare, carpool, there’s so many opportunities to save.

I have done this for years with a group of friends. A 9 hour road-trip out of state is only about $300 each because we share a hotel room, carpool, and split other costs.  This is for a 5-day vacation too, by the way.

4. Set up a Vacation Fund

This is a total must have.  You want to separate your vacation savings from the rest of your money.  Set aside X dollars every month toward your vacation fund. You can even set up an auto direct deposit form your paycheck directly to your vacation savings. This way, you never have to touch the money.  You can just let it accumulate.

5. Set Travel Alerts

10 Easy Ways to Save Money for Your Vacation

Head to your favorite travel agents like Booking.com, and set alerts that will notify you of price drops for fares.  You can stay on top of changing prices and get a deal when fares are low.

6. Try a Cruise

Want to visit 3 or 4 cool places in one visit. You can get a cruise deal starting at around $300 per person and visit several countries at once.

A good friend of mind cruises every year and has been to various parts of Mexico, along with Belize, Brazil, and other countries.

7. Put Your Car to Work

A great to save more is to make more. One way to accomplish this is to put your car to work! How?

  • Rideshare
  • Deliver groceries
  • Deliver food
  • Run errands


You can drive for Uber or Lyft. It’s great because it’s super flexible, you can choose you hours, and earn an extra $400/week part-time.  My brother-in-law does this full-time and absolutely loves it!

Deliver Groceries

There are so many grocery deliver companies now. Work from the comfort of car, getting paid to grocery shop for others. Here are some companies to check out:

  • Instacart
  • Amazon

Run Errands

You can join Postmates and get paid to run errands.

You can also rent your car out when you’re not using it, earning an extra $1200 or more with Hyrecar.  At work all day? Vacationing for the week or visiting family over the weekend. All good opportunities to make extra money renting out your car!

8. Paid Surveys

Make extra money in your spare time with online paid surveys.  Here are some favorites that are free to join and pay well:

Survey Savvy

This high paying survey company offers surveys and panels up to $80 each or more!  You can even get set up with their Savvy Connect program that pays you $5/month passively to install the app on your phone. Easy!


This is a survey company you will want to keep in your back pocket, for sure.  Check them out, join for free and get started taking surveys to earn cash.


You will LOVE Swagbucks. Get your cash bonus for signing up, then get started! Play games, listen to music, watch videos, share your opinion and get paid to do so. This site is multifaceted and it offers a great rewards incentive for referring friends and family.

9. Cashback Programs

Get cashback on your everyday purchases made online and in-person with Dosh.  Get Dosh and earn cash back automatically. Join for free, link your debit/credit card and get cash back applied to your Dosh account when you shop at participating retailers, automatically.  The easiest form of passive income you will come across.

10. Start a Side Business

Starting a side business is a great second source of income. You can earn a part-time or full-time income and use your earnings to fund your vacation.

Flip Websites

This is easy and fun. You start a website, grow it, and flip it for a profit.  I made around $30K to $40K in 2017 doing this and earned around $80K in 2018 flipping!

Need a hand?

Check out Website Flippers University where you will learn how to launch, grow and flip a website for profit!

Final Thoughts

With these ideas you will fund your vacation in no time. Do you have some ideas to share to save money for vacation? Comment below so we can hear from you!

Vacation planning? Wondering how you can do it without living paycheck to paycheck? Take a look at these 10 tried and tested savings strategies to help you save money for vacation

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