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Save $2,410 with Coupons

How to Save $2410 with a coupon app

Hey mama, would you spend $40 to save $2,140?  What about just spending half of that, just $20 to save $2,140?  Okay, and what if a company offered to pay you to save $2,140?

Do you like saving money but worry you don’t have the time to cut out and organize newspapers full of coupons?  Keep reading to learn about the app with over half a million coupons, good nationwide for restaurants, auto repair, fitness centers, travel, entertainment, and even theme park discounts.  Perfect for saving everywhere! Here we go:

What is the VIP Perks Coupon App?

When you were a kid, did you ever do that school fundraiser where you sold those thick coupon books door to door?  They sold for $20 back in the 1980s, and my neighbors loved that they had real, useful coupons in them.  Just using 2 or 3 coupons made up for the price of the book.  Well, now many of those same coupon book fundraisers have gone digital.  One of the largest, most well-known is the Entertainment coupon book.  Entertainment’s coupon book is now available as the VIP Perks coupon app.   It’s still a great value.  But now it fits in your phone and doesn’t weigh a ton.

Here are some examples of coupons on the VIP Perks coupon app:

    • BOGO Free Jersey Mikes Menu Item
  • BOGO Free Sonic Cheeseburger or Footlong Quarter Pound Coney
  • BOGO Free Church’s Chicken Menu Item (max, $8)
  • 50% Off 8 Lessons at Quest Martial Arts
  • 50% Off JC Penney Portraits by Lifetouch
  • $20 off Dry Cleaning at Eddie’s Custom Cleaners (no purchase necessary)
  • 1 Week of Free Tanning at South Beach Tanning Company (no purchase necessary)

Will the same coupons be available in your area?:

  • Some national chains have coupons good nation-wide
  • Some national chains, especially with local franchisees, let their local owners decide whether to participate (each coupon shows the address where you can use it)
  • Each community has its own local businesses, so each local business decides whether to be a part of the coupon app


I have never heard of this app.  Does it work?

All the coupons listed are for participating businesses.  They agreed to honor the app’s coupons.

As a former retail employee, I know that not every sales person will recognize a coupon or know how to ring it up.  All you have to do is be polite.  Be polite, let them try, and if all else fails, be polite enough that they ask a manager for help.  My friends and I have personally used the same VIP Perks coupon app coupon at the exact same restaurant near my neighborhood, and 2 out of 4 times, the cashier needed a shift manager’s help ringing up the coupon, but the other 2 times, the cashier already knew how to handle it.  We’re all learning.  Be patient.  Be kind.  Be polite.  You’ll get your discount.

And when it’s BOGO Free cheeseburgers, you can’t go wrong.

Is the VIP Perks Coupon App Free?

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No, and yes!  Most people pay for a 1-year annual membership.  But we are savvy mamas, so we do not pay full price, right?  Use a discount code to slash the price as much as you can.  For example, enter the code “50MAMAS” on the checkout screen and watch it take 50% off the price, whether you picked the annual, quarterly, or monthly membership.

But I got my VIP Perks 1-year annual membership for $0.  Not $40.  Not $20.  Yes, $0.

You can too!

Here’s how:

How to Get the VIP Perks App for Free?

Step 1.) Learn more about the VIP Perks app by visiting one of the many sites reselling it.  We like CouponFindr.com because they gave us that “50MAMAS” code to save you 50%.  (And, yes, that’s even lower priced than on the corporate site.  I checked.)

Step 2.) Click any of the pink “Join” buttons, or navigate to the join page.

Step 3.) Take a look at the option on the far right, the “Partners” option.  The one that says “EARN MONEY” under the title?  Oh, that one!  Right!

Step 4.) Click the link above the “Join” button, so you go to the Partner Gig Description.

What’s In It For Me? (FIIFM?)

To summarize the Partner Gig Description:

  • It’s free to apply.
  • You get the VIP Perks coupon app for free.
  • And you get a referral code to save other people money.
  • Splash your referral code around on social media and get a referral fee each time someone uses it.

The CouponFindr.com application takes about 5 minutes, you can add more info in your profile section. (If you have a blog or zillions of Instagram followers or something else, make sure to mention that in your profile, because it might help you get a higher discount code.)  CouponFindr.com replies within 24 hours.  Even if you don’t have a blog or social network, apply and give it a try.


What if I don’t like the Coupons they have?


Nobody is going to hold it against you, if you cancel the app.  Real life happens.  Maybe you got so bogged down in other things you just don’t have time to think about using a coupon app.  Just cancel.  Even better, cancel and write a quick email explaining why, so when life gets calmer and you want to try again you can let CouponFindr.com know.

And, hey, if you are the kind of mama who avoids canceling things, then the simply smartest move you can make is checking out the VIP Perks coupons for your area ahead of time.  How?  Easy.  Head over to the website used by the app and enter your zip code to find local coupons.  You can’t actually redeem any coupons without the active membership, but, here’s a little secret, you can look at the coupons in your area before you decide whether to join.

How can I sneak a free look at the VIP Perks coupon app before joining?

1.) Go to their VIP Perks coupon app site.

2.) Click “Find Your Exclusive Perks” button.

3.) Close the pop-up log-in box.

4.) Click the green “Change Location” box and enter your zip code or city.

5.) Hey, look!  There’s that pizza place you like!  Click on it and see what they offer for their coupon.  Seriously, browse a bit, look for restaurants you want to try, classes your kids want to try, stores you already frequent.

6.) Decided to join?  Okay, head back over to CouponFindr.com and join.  Just remember to use that “50Mamas” code so you get 50% off.  Even if you go for the $0 option (and, yes, you should, mama!), mention the “50Mamas” code when they ask who suggested you join, because we want them to know you’re with Mama’s On Money.

Why is it “Save $2,410” here and some articles have different numbers?

Where do you live?  Okay.  If it’s a big city somewhere in the United States of America, you probably have over $2,000 worth of coupons available to use on the VIP Perks coupon app.

And if you live in a less urban area, there will be fewer businesses offering coupons on the app.

The founder of CouponFindr.com did a bunch of data gathering and statistical analysis to arrive at the $2,410 savings estimate for the Tampa Bay, Florida, area.  If you live in Pensacola, Florida, most of the savings are related to golf.  And if you live in Detroit, Michigan, there are even more coupons than in Tampa.

What really matters is whether you and your family would save money with the app.  Look at the app before joining.  See enough savings to justify the price?  Then it’s a no-brainer.  Especially if you can earn money by helping your friends save money.

Think about it.

Is this affiliate marketing?


Maybe you already promote other referral fees to your friends for things like Ibotta, Fetch, Checkout51, or even things that require you to apply and be accepted into an affiliate program, like for Amazon.

This is affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketing works like this: you promote products and for each successful sale, you earn a commission.

What’s the Catch?

Is there a catch?

Not that we can find.

Some programs only pay you through gift cards or PayPal, but this one sends you a check.

You are not a paid employee.  Partners only get issued a 1099 tax form if you earn more than $600/ year, same as with any other legit program.  (And, yes, you should plan to earn over $600, because making money is a good thing.)

CouponFindr.com is quick to reply and very easy-going.  (Maybe it’s all that Tampa sunshine.)

There are lots of other affiliate programs for specific companies or networks of companies.  Some of those require their affiliates to have a website or other large social media presence, but CouponFindr.com seems open to most people.


Final Thoughts

Hope you save over $2,410 with the VIP Perks coupon app. Have other great sources of coupons? Comment below or contact us so we can keep expanding on this!

How to Save $2410 with a coupon app