How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

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Making a Full Time Income On Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

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Do you browse Instagram wondering how these influencers are making money? You see posts with designer handbags and luxury cars and wonder how exactly are they doing it. Well, today YOU are in for a treat. I’m going to shed light on Instagram monetization so you can really see how to make money on Instagram. Ready for it? Let’s go!

Starting Your Instagram Account with The End in Mind

So what exactly does this mean?

Well, when you start a brand new account to make money on Instagram, you have to think about your goals from the very start. Do you want to become famous? Do you want to meet people and network? Do you want to make a part time or full time living? Do you want to use it as a platform to fuel your personal business or job?

Think about all these things from the moment you start creating your profile.

Here’s how you begin creating a killer Instagram profile:

Step 1.) Fill out your profile

This means COMPLETELY fill out your profile. You’d be surprised how many people DON’T do this. Add a bio photo, write a profile description, set your profile to personal or business, and then post consistently (step 2).

Step 2.) Post consistently

Themed accounts do much better than those that are not themed so have a theme in mind and then post according to that.

Ideas for themes:

  • Brightly colored photos
  • Only quotes
  • Only lifestyle photos
  • Black/white photos
  • The same filter on every photo

Step 3.) Post relevant content

Once you pick your theme, stick with it and continue to post relevant content to your page

Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Followers Fast

How to Make Money on Instagram

There are a ton of things you can do to help boost your following. The goal is to get more people to see your stuff so consider featuring a popular or semi-popular influencer in your feed and tagging them.

You can also reach out to them to let them know about the feature. The hope is that they are so happy you thought of them that they return the favor or share your page with their followers. This isn’t foolproof but it does happen so it’s worth a try.

You can also comment and like other people’s photos from their feed.  Showing some love can bring love and more likes to your photos, in turn.

Follow for Follow Method for Growing your Fanbase

Consider the follow for follow method, where you follower relevant Instagram users in hopes that they follow you back. Back in the day I used to do this and it helped me get my followers up to thousands from zero in a pretty short time frame.  Be careful because you don’t want to be too spammy and risk your account being suspended so go slow and easy. You can start by following 10 or 20 accounts per day and go up from there.

To ensure your following number is lower than your follower number, after 3 days unfollow those that don’t follow you back. You can check this pretty easily using tools for Instagram, like Crowdfire. I’ve personally used Crowdfire to monitor and grow my social media accounts. It’s super easy and they give you awesome little recipes to grow your following in just 5 minutes a day. Give it a try!

Loop Giveaways for Massive Growth

You can also try participating in loop giveaways. A few years ago when loops (loop giveaways) started, they were super effective in boosting your following by thousands in as little as 24 to 48 hours. Today, they are a bit more complex but still work great at growing your following. I’ve seen higher profile loops increase participant followers by 25K+ in one or two days!

Loops do cost money to join. The idea is, a group of influencers each put in money to the pot, like $30 each, for example, which goes toward a fabulous prize (like a Louis Vuitton handbag) that a random winner gets. People join the giveaway by liking the giveaway photo and following each participant (influencer) in the loop. These giveaways have thousands and tens of thousands of people enter so it can be a pretty big deal. They usually run $40 to $500 to join.

Find loops to join through blogger Facebook groups and pods in Instagram.

Three Ways to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram

The 3 main ways to make money on Instagram are:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Indirectly for your product-based biz
  • Indirectly for your service-based biz

Ok, so Instagram doesn’t pay you directly. They don’t have an ad platform to monetize your profile like Google does but you can use it to connect with brands, drive traffic, and make money for your business. Here’s how..

Make money on Instagram with Sponsored Posts

A sponsored post involves you posting to your Instagram profile a product from a brand that has paid you to do so. So, you could partner with a cookie brand and create a post showcasing those cookies.

To do this, brands will reach out to you. You can also reach out to brands or join a sponsored post network like Linqia.

You can make A LOT of money with sponsored posts. Brands pay hundreds to thousands to have a post featured on top influencer Instagram pages. And, you don’t have to be a top influencer to be raking in the dough.

With brands, you want to make sure you are prepared so do these things:

  • Create a media kit (go to Canva, then Media Kit templates, to start creating your own, or buy one from Etsy)
  • Rate yourself-go to Social Bluebook to help determine your rate for posting on social networks
  • Make it professional-create a professional email for brand outreach and post it everywhere (email signature, social networks, etc.)

Making money on Instagram for Your Biz

You can make money indirectly for your product or service business. The idea is to use Instagram as a platform to drive targeted customers to your business.  You do this by following the tips above, growing your social following, posting relevant content, engaging with your audience, etc.

So, Go Out and Do It!

Follow the recipe above to turn your Instagram account into a full time income generator for you. Create your profile, follow a theme, post consistently, engage with your audience, grow your following, then monetize with sponsored posts and use that traffic to drive sales back to your business.

Have I done this?

Heck yeah! I used Instagram to grow to nearly 100K followers in a year, part time, making up to $30K per month for my ecommerce business. Tons of people are doing this. It is possible.

The Tools I Personally Used to Get There:

  • Crowdfire
  • Evernote
  • Latergram

Crowdfire to grow my fanbase, monitor follows/unfollows, and more.

Evernote helped me stay sane by letting me jot my notes down during the day, schedule my giveaways on a calendar, and just overall stay organized.

Latergram helped me prep my Instagram posts in advance so at posting time I just pushed one button!

Share your questions about making money on Instagram down below!


How to make money on Instagram

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How to make money on Instagram

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3 years ago

How do you use crossfire to do the follow for follow thing you described? have created a crossfire account but don’t understand how to use it.

3 years ago

How do I get the sponsored posts? Do you wait to be contacted by brand or you go after the brands yourself. The later sounds a bit aggressive and being turned down can really be disappointing.

Aktta Patel
Aktta Patel
3 years ago
Reply to  Cesky

Hi there! Reaching out to brands is how I get sponsored posts. I’ve been contacted as well but for more consistent sponsorships contacting the brand is recommended. Let me know if you have additional questions 🙂

Louis Huynh
2 years ago

Love the amazing post, keep up the good work.

Luisa Castro
Luisa Castro
1 year ago

I’d like to say thank you for sharing this article. I found it very informative! I appreciate all the honest and straightforward tips and experiences you’ve mentioned too. I can’t wait to start applying these things to help my Instagram grow 🙂

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