How to Start your own money making blog

How to Start a Money Making Blog

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Starting Your Own Money Making Blog

How to Start a Money Making Blog

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Finally, you made your mind up and decided to start a blog! Blogging is so rewarding and comes with a ton of perks. It’s a place to vent, share your experience and expertise, collaborate with others, network, make friends, cultivate an audience and more. I’ve been blogging for a few short years now and I have gained a ton of experience doing it.

In fact, I’ve created a dozen blogs.

Some of my blogs have been in the lifestyle space, about travel, personal finance..take a look..

These are just a handful of sites that I’ve created.

From blogging, I created another business, website flipping. In flipping, I build a site, make it profitable, then sell it for a nice profit. In fact, I teach others to do the same in Website Flippers University.

I’ve earned six figures from blogging and it’s helped me boost my income to five figures per month!

How to Get Started

Starting Your Own Money Making Blog

So, your sold but not sure where to begin?

Check out my FREE 3-Day E-course where I show you exactly how to start your money making blog. It’s a lot easier to set up than you might think. Don’t delay. Think about it, in just a few months, it’ll be the holidays. That’s enough time to start earning a few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month, perfect for holiday shopping and events!

Sign up below so I can walk you through setting up your money making blog

What happens once you’re a blogger? 

You want to make money blogging, reach a big audience and really turn this thing into a business. But how? You can do your own research, scour the web, look on Pinterest, and more but we’ve created something really awesome for you.

The Brilliant Bloggers Bundle is a collection of 8 awesome resources to help you become a better blog writer, make money blogging, reach a huge audience, get more website visitors, and really turn your blog into a full-fledged business. Valued at nearly $200, you get 80% off by grabbing it for $39. Click here (or image below) to learn more.

Brilliant Bloggers Bundle


How to Start your own money making blog

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How to Start your own money making blog

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How to Start a Money Making Blog

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Recommended Blogger Success Tools

This roundup of my favorite tools have helped me make money, get more traffic and create passive income streams with blogging.

Brilliant Bloggers Bundle

This is a compilation of the best resources to help you make money blogging, boost your social following, grow your fanbase, get more website visitors and more. 8 awesome tools included, nearly $200 value, yours for just $39. Limited Time Only.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This is THE COURSE that helped transform my affiliate income. I went from $80-something dollars to $800 within 3 weeks of completing the course. If you are struggling to make money with affiliate marketing, this course is a MUST HAVE. From blogging guru Michelle, who regularly earns $100K per month, in part from affiliate marketing. Must-see course. $197.


Thinking of starting a blog? Bluehost is your solution for a hosting provider. They offer 99% uptime, tons of perks included in your hosting purchase like free domain and more. You really cannot go wrong. I speak from experience. I’ve used Bluehost countless time with my blogs (I’ve had a dozen blogs). They are amazing. Affordable, starting at $2.95/month.


Tailwind is a social media scheduler that will literally transform your blog traffic. I use them to schedule my Pinterest pins. It really gives you your day back and time as a blogger is so valuable. Around $10/month and I recommend the annual plan (which is what I have..I actually have 2 memberships).

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