How to Make Up To $5,000/Month Selling Blogs

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How to Make Up To $5,000/Month Selling Blogs

How to Make Up To $5,000/Month Selling Blogs

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Are you ready to leave your 9 to 5? It’s stressful, you’re unhappy with the pay, you don’t like your boss..whatever your reason may be, you’re FINALLY ready to work for yourself from home!

I have been there. I was at a company for nearly a decade before having the courage to leave for glorious self employment and I haven’t looked back since!

It all started with one site for me. Then, it turned into two sites and now I’m at a dozen!

You CAN make money selling blogs and websites.

Did you know that?

It’s probably something you’ve never thought of. Keep reading to learn how you can monetize your passion and make a killing earning up to $5,000 per month (or more) selling blogs, coming from a 13-time website creator who has earned six figures doing it!

How It All Starts

It starts with a website. Maybe it’s your blog that you’ve been running for a year or two or maybe you want to start a blog for the purposes of selling it.

Whatever it may be, you can earn a nice income selling your blog or website.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Is your blog monetized?
  • Are you tracking earnings?
  • Are you tracking traffic?
  • Do you have an email subscriber list?
  • Do you have social media accounts for the blog?
  • Can you teach someone how to run the blog?
  • Why do you want to sell?

The key piece to selling your blog is it’s value.

Is it valuable?

Value doesn’t necessarily come from revenue or traffic. I’ve seen site directories and brand new sites with zero income and zero traffic, sell for five and six figures. It only takes one person to buy your site, remember that.

Ok, so with that said, it is A HECK OF A LOT EASIER to sell your site if it does have revenue and/or traffic. If you want a quick sale make sure your site is earning money or traffic. It doesn’t have to be a lot either.

I’ve sold sites that have made $4/month to $200/month for three and four figures!

It can be done!’s a cool bonus..

So, how to do you actually sell, when the time comes?

Head to a broker. That’s the quick and dirty way for your sale to happen. My broker of choice?

For new sites, definitely Flippa.

Flippa is super easy to use. You can set up your site listing yourself, it’s very affordable, starting at $19 with all kinds of paid upgrades to help your listing get more visibility. You have multiple payment methods available to choose from and communication is a breeze.

Plus, if someone likes your site but doesn’t buy it or bid on it, there’s still opportunity to make money.  I have gotten SO MANY side projects from Flippa, just from listing my site for sale. No joke! To the tune of $5K to $10K in work, seriously.

For older sites (1+ years old), check out Empire Flippers.

How to make $5000 month selling blogs online

Empire Flippers will get you a higher price, in my opinion. But, it’s a completely different process. They will value your site, fully vet you, before they bring you onto their seller marketplace and list your site for sale. You’ll have to send in financial statements, prove your income and traffic, etc.

Then, when an interested buyer wants your site, you have a series of phone calls with an EF broker on the line, talk back and forth, etc. before the sale happens. Plus, the price starts at around $300 to list your site for sale. If you are serious about getting the highest possible price AND your site is 1+ year old, go with Empire Flippers.

Insider Tips for Selling Fast and Making the Most Money

How to make $100/hour with high paying surveys

I’ve been selling sites online now for a few years. I’ve created nearly a dozen sites, earned six figures doing something I absolutely love and now, I’m taking the journey with people just like you.

This summer, I’m opening up my Website Flippers University course so you can take the journey with me to sell your site! This can either be a new site you grow, monetize, and sell OR an existing site you improve to get ready to sell!

Selling blogs. You actually don’t have to sell. If you wanna learn how to make your site more valuable, the course is a fit for YOU!

What We Do?

How Much Can You Make?

Take a look at some of my sales. I’ve earned between a few hundred dollars to just under six figures for a single site! And, it’s actually how I regularly make $10K+ per month.

No coupon code needed and head here to take a look! WFU is usually on a month-to-month membership. New lessons are added weekly, there’s an exclusive Facebook group and tons of other cool freebies.

You can save more than 50% by grabbing this exclusive lifetime-membership allowing you LIFETIME ACCESS for a one-time payment. For Labor Day weekend only! Click the image below or right here to be taken to the course.


Are you selling blogs? Comment down below to share your experience and contribute to the conversation!

Recommended Blogger Success Tools

This roundup of my favorite tools have helped me make money, get more traffic and create passive income streams with blogging.

Website Flippers University

Earn side income flipping websites.  Make money every month consistently with your website flipping websites while you’re running your blog. Multiple income streams is the way to go when it comes to the volatility of blogging income.

Learn how to do it in WFU!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

This is THE COURSE that helped transform my affiliate income. I went from $80-something dollars to $800 within 3 weeks of completing the course. If you are struggling to make money with affiliate marketing, this course is a MUST HAVE. From blogging guru Michelle, who regularly earns $100K per month, in part from affiliate marketing. Must-see course. $197.


Thinking of starting a blog? Bluehost is your solution for a hosting provider. They offer 99% uptime, tons of perks included in your hosting purchase like free domain and more. You really cannot go wrong. I speak from experience. I’ve used Bluehost countless time with my blogs (I’ve had a dozen blogs). They are amazing. Affordable, starting at $2.95/month.


Tailwind is a social media scheduler that will literally transform your blog traffic. I use them to schedule my Pinterest pins. It really gives you your day back and time as a blogger is so valuable. Around $10/month and I recommend the annual plan (which is what I have..I actually have 2 memberships).


How to Make Up To $5,000/Month Selling Blogs

Check it out | Pin for Later!

How to Make Up To $5,000/Month Selling Blogs

Check it out | Pin for Later!

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