How to make $100/hour with high paying surveys

How to Make $100/Hour Taking Surveys | Highest Paying Online Surveys

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How to Make $100/Hour Taking Surveys

Are you interested in an easy and rewarding side hustle? I’m going to shed some light on an often overlooked way to earn a nice part time income in your free time. It’s through the highest paying online surveys! Keep reading to learn how to make $100/hour taking surveys and by the way, I DO THIS!

How to Make $100/Hour Taking Surveys

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Make $100/Hour Taking Surveys

Ok, so this survey taking is a little different than you may be thinking. These aren’t the $.50 or $2 surveys you see on survey sites like Swagbucks or Survey Savvy, though those aren’t bad in exchange for a couple minutes of your time, to make a few hundred dollars every month.

The surveys I’m talking about are the highest paying online surveys and you can earn up to $50 to $400 per survey!

They pay via PayPal cash and Amazon gift card. I have completed these surveys and they are truly awesome. Here they are…

The first company is called  Respondent

How it Works:

You sign up for free and apply to take the surveys.

Every survey may not be a match and you’ll be able to determine this quickly looking at the survey details. Some examples are:

  • Mobile phone users
  • Retail store owners
  • Small business owners
  • People that do banking online
  • Moms who have kids under 3

You head over to a survey that’s a fit for you and take a short screen survey. The screener takes a few minutes, if that, and it’ll help determine if you indeed ARE a good fit for that survey. If you are, you’ll be contacted with the details.

What’s the Survey Like?

$100/hour survey

These surveys are definitely more involved. Does that mean it’s harder? No. But, it does mean, it’ll require more time and effort.

These surveys usually run 20 to 60 minutes long, some are longer.

The surveys I have taken ranged from 30 to 45 minutes long. They have some that are up to 90 minutes long and even some that run over the course of a few days, like 60 minutes per day for 3 days in a row, for example.

The survey is structured interview-style. This means you’ll be talking to a live person over the phone or by web with possible screen share.

Don’t worry, before you actually take the survey you’ll be told in advance the requirements and expectations (like high speed Internet, computer with webcam, etc.)

Take the survey, you’ll be paid! I have always been paid THE VERY SAME DAY!

Amazing, right?

You’ll love how easy it is to pick and choose what surveys you’d like to participate in. You’ll love the high payout and you’ll love how quickly you get paid. By the way, there is a referral program!

Refer family and friends and get paid if they sign up and successfully take a survey.

The next survey company is User Interviews

$100/hour survey


They work almost the exact same way as Respondent. You join for free, sign up for surveys that are a match for you, take a screener and get notified if you are a selected candidate.

The surveys on User Interviews are the same style: interviews via phone or web (with possible screenshare).

Looking for more survey recommendations?

Here’s a roundup of some of our favorites…

Nielsen Panel: You get paid to give your opinion, making products and services better for consumers. This one is actually pretty cool because you get to register your devices and earn that way too. Check it out.

Vindale Research: I earn hundreds per month with ease through Vindale Research. You get $1 sign up bonus and I get around $20 to $30 in opportunities every time I login.

$20 * 5 days/week=$100/week or $400/month

Not bad, right? Earn a cool $400/month working from home, doing surveys on your time.  They pay biweekly via check or to your PayPal account. One of my faves.

Savvy Connect: This is related to Survey Savvy. You connect your device and earn a flat rate every single month for doing nothing. No joke. They are also having more high paying panel opportunities at $40 to $80 each!

Wrap Up

And there you have it! My secret way to earn a little extra income from Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash with the highest paying online surveys.

Let’s recap:

The 2 companies you wanna join are: Respondent and User Interviews.

Why? They are awesome companies and pay you to listen to your opinion. Their high paying opportunities go from $20 to $250+ each!

How do I know? From personal experience. I have taken surveys from each company and have gone through the entire process start to finish.

I received payment super fast, usually the same day, in the form of PayPal cash or Amazon gift card. It’s a rewarding experience to share your opinion and know that you are shaping the way of companies. Get paid is just the icing on top.

These 2 companies are great.  Highly recommended.

Do you have high paying survey companies to share? Comment down below so we can continue to build this out!

Make $100hour taking surveys

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Make $100hour taking surveys

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