How to Get Blog Traffic from YouTube

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Getting Traffic to Your Blog with YouTube

How to Get Blog Traffic from YouTube

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There are a number of ways to get blog traffic. Keep reading to hear about this free and easy way to get blog traffic using the power of YouTube. You’ll love this. Check it out…

YouTube for Blog Traffic

YouTube is a visual video platform that allows you to upload videos as a creator and share with an audience. As a YouTube fan, you’ll visit the platform for information, education and material on just about anything from learning how to cook French cuisine to how to start selling products on eBay, and everything in between.

As a YouTube creator, you’ll get the opportunity to create a free account and share videos with the public.

So how is this good for blogging?

It’s a great way to drive those visitors from YouTube to your blog!

Here’s how you do it..

Creating a YouTube Channel

Visit YouTube and sign in

Then, head to your profile and click My Channel

Lastly, you’ll create your channel

Once you create your channel, here are some best practices to help you succeed and drive traffic back to your blog:

  • Fill out your profile
  • Write a lengthy, keyword-rich description
  • Encourage engagement in your videos
  • Be consistent
  • Be active

Filling out your profile

As with other social networks, if you want the bet results, you want to COMPLETELY fill out your Creator profile. This means you’ll add a profile photo, write a description, upload a banner, and eventually, organize your videos, once you have multiple that can fall into multiple categories.

Your description

Share a little about yourself. A great place to talk about your blog and share the blog url. Make the description a few sentences long, if not longer.

Encouraging Engagement

In your videos talk to your audience. Encourage comments, ask questions, tell them about your blog, ask them to subscribe. These are all things that can help grow your YouTube audience and get you more traffic back to your blog.

Be consistent and active

Uploading fresh videos on a regular basis and being active will help growth and traffic as well. You can record videos on your cell phone, on your computer or tablet. Try Screencastomatic, which lets you record your screen, your face, or both.

Final Thoughts

So, the recipe? Create a YouTube channel and run it like it’s your business, more or less. Treat it professionally and you’ll be rewarded with subscribers and traffic back to your blog. YouTube is a great way to earn income, get traffic, grow your mailing list, network, make friends, and so many more benefits.  Don’t miss out on this awesome, often overlooked in the blogging world, social network.

Are you a YouTuber? Share your top tactics down below in comments!

How to Get Blog Traffic from YouTube

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