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Ebates Reviews: What You Really Need to Know

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How Does Ebates Work and What’s it All About?

Ebates is a company that rewards you with cashback on your online purchases.  It’s so easy to use. You get rewarded for doing what you would be doing anyway, online shopping.  You may have seen Ebates reviews floating around online.  Get the skinny on how it really works including how much cash back you can earn and if it’s really worth it. Keep reading to find out..

How it Works?

Ebates Reviews: What You Really Need to Know

It’s so simple. First, you join for free.  Then, you shop like you normally would and enjoy the cash back rewards.  It’s so easy.

I recommend you get the Ebates browser extension.

Every time you visit an eligible website, you’ll be notified how much cash back you’ll earn on your purchase (either a percentage or a flat amount, like $10 back, for example).

First, you sign up for free.

Then, you start shopping (psstt..install the browser extension, it’s a lifesaver)

You’ll love the little Ebates popup when you visit a participating site that offers cashback.

What Can You Buy?

I’ve purchased clothes, shoes, domain names, you can buy hand lotion, beauty products, the sky is the limit. Some popular retailers Ebates has partnered with include: Ebay, Overstock, Macy’s and Groupon. There are many more!

You can earn up to 40% cash back from over 2,000 retailers online.

And, it’s really cash back.

I got my first big fat check for $25 sent directly to my PayPal account. Real money.

Final thoughts

Ebates is a great option to help you save money.  It’s such a no brainer. You will LOVE it! Especially for the upcoming online holiday shopping you might be gearing up for!

Ebates review

Ebates Reviews: What You Really Need to Know

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