Do These Things to Make $100 Everyday

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How to Make $100 Everyday Doing This

Do These Things to Make $100 Everyday

$100 everyday! Sounds ambitious, eh? It’s actually a very real doable number you can hit every single day. $100 per day or $3,000 per month (yes, we are counting weekends), is a full time income. At the very least, it’s a great source of supplemental income for you! Keep reading to learn how you can doing these creative things to earn a cool $100 everyday.

Participate in Panels

Panels are a fancier kind of survey. They are a lucrative way for you to get paid to share your opinion. Like surveys, in a panel, you, along with a group of people will be sharing your opinion about a particular topic.

These are super high paying, getting you $100 to $500 a pop for each panel you participate in.

So, more money, more work? You got it.

Panels are definitely more involved that surveys. They are still easy but unlike surveys that you can take whenever you want, night or day, from a range of different companies, panels are a bit more complex.

Here’s how it works (psstt..I have actually done this, MULTIPLE times):

Step 1.) Join a Panel

It’ll be free to join. You just sign up, just like you would a survey. Easy peasy.

Step 2.) Do Nothing, or, Do Something

Some panels require you to do nothing but sign up. In the sign up process you will answer personal questions about yourself, which will help the panel company match you with qualifying panels. So, you just sign up and wait to hear from the panel company when a panel you qualify for, is available.

Other panel companies have dozens of opportunities available for your viewing. You can see what the panel is about, what are the qualifiers, what is the compensation, etc.

You pick and choose which panels you want to apply for then complete a short screener survey which will determine if you are a qualified panelist.

Step 3.) Participate and get paid

If chosen, you’ll be given an interview, test, or panel time. This is appointment style so you will have a set time assigned to you. Then, you’ll be surveyed for your opinion. Lastly, you’ll get paid.

My Personal Experience: I’ve earned $50 to $400 per panel and I’ve taken many.

They are super easy.

If you have a phone, computer or tablet, you’re good to go. The panels I took were interview style. A phone interview, web interview, screen share, web chat, etc.

These are my favorite high paying panel companies: Survey Savvy, Respondent, and User Interviews.

Make a BUTTLOAD of Money With These Surveys

Do These Things to Make $100 Everyday

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You can make money every day of the week with surveys.

  • Flexibility
  • Make Your Own Schedule
  • Unlimited Income Potential

I recently read an article where a survey taker was earning $4K to $5K per month with surveys!

Success stories like this are far and few between but you can definitely make four figures per month with surveys.

You’re gonna love it because you take surveys in your spare time…

  • Lying in bed in the morning, getting ready to get outta bed (you know those 15 to 20 minutes you laze about, working up the effort to get out of your warm bed)
  • The time in the bathroom where you need a magazine after one too many coffees
  • Ten minutes of every day before bedtime
  • Your lunch hour
  • Your breaks
  • Waiting in the lobby for your doctor’s appointment
  • Waiting in line at the grocery store

There are many more opportunities like this. Want my advice? If you wanna take this survey-taking thing seriously and make a ton of money, get on a schedule.

It is great to take surveys during the times I shared above but if you dedicate a set 2 hours, for example, of every day to your surveys, you will go far!

Get organized to make the most money.

My favorite companies for high paying surveys:

  • Survey Savvy (yes, they do panels and surveys)
  • Vindale Research (grab $2 sign up bonus here)
  • Swagbucks (earn $5 instantly)
  • Survey Junkie

Author An Online Course

Wait, wait! Don’t run. This is super easy and you can make a ton of money. This lady regularly earns $400K+ during her course launches. Think about it. A year’s income in just a few weeks.

Here’s how it goes..

First, you’re creating a course so think about a problem you can solve, then craft a course around that.

  • Teach a beginner’s course to Facebook ads
  • Teach calligraphy
  • Teach Spanish cuisine cooking
  • Teach sugar cookie art
  • Teach how to capture email leads

These are just a few examples.

Once you figure out what problem you are gonna solve and who you are gonna target, start creating your course.

You can create, using tools like Teachable or Udemy.

Tip: Try using mixed formats like written content and video.

Want to see a live course? Check out one of our courses, Website Flippers University.


Rent Out Your Place For the Weekend

Do These Things to Make $100 Everyday

Short term rentals are a booming industry. If you own property, consider doing this. Rent out a spare room or your entire place. This extends to houseboats as well, by the way.

Renting out a room could get you $750/month

$75/night for 10 nights/month

Renting out your house on the weekend could fetch $1,600/month

$200/night for Saturday/Sunday for 4 weekends/month

Makes sense doesn’t it? Where can you go? Check out AirBNB or Homeaway. You can make far more than long term rentals but, long term rentals make great sense too!

Renting Out Your Place Long Term

Do These Things to Make $100 Everyday

Do you have a vacation home you visit during a specific time of year? Why not rent it out the remaining time in a long term rental. Or, move out of your primary home, convert it to a long term rental property.

When I went house hunting this Summer after we relocated a few hours away, I found average-sized homes fetching as much as $2K per month and large homes at upwards of 3 grand per month!

This is Texas, keep in mind, as rental markets vary from location to location but, even so, long term rentals mean you have long term recurring income coming in.  Many prefer this over the fluctuations of short term rentals.

Final Thoughts

Getting those creative juices flowing? Let’s recap, shall we?

Making $100 everyday is definitely an ambitious goal but you CAN get there.

#1.) Participating in Panels

This upgraded version of a survey takes more of a time commitment but rewards you with more pay.  The panels I have participated in have paid up to $400 for just an hour of my time. Which ones do we recommend?

  • Survey Savvy: Check out Savvy Connect once you join. You can earn $5 to $10 passively just by installing the app on your cell phone..nothing else.
  • Respondent: A new discovery, Respondent requires up to 90 minutes of your time per panel. These are interview-style and will require an online interview, screenshare, or telephone survey. The surveys I have completed here have paid $100 to $150.

If you are familiar with surveys, you will really love panels. Try them out.

#2.) Surveys

So convenient and fulfilling, you’ll get paid to share your opinion. In addition to Survey Savvy, we recommend these favorites:

  • Vindale Research: they offer some higher paying surveys mixed in and pay you via PayPal or check, twice a month, once you hit $50.
  • Swagbucks: Join Swagbucks and get paid to watch videos, play games, shop and more. Claim your $5 here.
  • Survey Junkie: Yet another awesome survey

Make a plan for yourself and earn up to $500/month pretty easily with survey taking.

#3.) Teach Courses Online

With Teachable, you can turn into a course instructor overnight. It’s awesome because you create your course once, get students and start earning passive income.

Top instructors make six figures or more annually, all passively. How cool, right?

Definitely worth it. Check out Teachable and start creating your first course.

#4.) Rent out your place

You can do this long-term or short-term. If you own your own home, why not rent out the extra space for some additional income? You can rent out a room, your entire place, your garage, or even your houseboat.

This is one of the easiest ways to bank an extra $750+ per month.

Get started with AirBNB.

These are just a handful of ways to make $100 everyday. Bookmark this post and check back often as we’ll continue to expand on this. Got some ideas to add? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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Do These Things to Make $100 Everyday

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