Can You Make Money Website Flipping in 2020?

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Website flipping in 2020. Are people still doing this? Is it working? How much can you make?

If you’re looking for a side hustle for 2020, keep reading while we dive deep into website flipping. Bookmark for later!

What is Website Flipping?

It’s flipping websites. You buy or build at a low price, then flip for a high price.

Just like flipping houses.

With house flipping, you might buy a foreclosure at a deal of a price. Then, you renovate the home and resell it at a profit.

Flipping websites is the same except you’re doing it with website properties.

You start by building a website, then grow it, then sell it (the flip) for profit!

Examples of Website Flipping

You can buy or build then flip. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Building a Website Pros

  • Cheap
  • Rewarding
  • Allows you to flex your creativity

Building a Website Cons

  • Time requirement to learn how to build

Buying a Website Pros

  • Faster than builder
  • Ready made website to scale and take to the next level

Buying a Website Cons

  • More expensive

So you see, there are pros and cons to both. You have to ask yourself, what’s more important? Time or money.

If time is more important, buying and flipping a site is for you. If money is more important, then save cash by building a site and flipping.

To build a site will cost you around $50-$100, depending on the host you select. We recommend this awesome affordable host (at under $4/month).

To buy a site can cost $500+ depending on several factors like website age, assets included, etc.

Here is what a website flip might look like:

  • Build a site for $50
  • Spend 3 months growing it
  • Sell site for $1,000
  • Profit is $950


  • Build a site for $100
  • Spend 30 days growing it
  • Sell site for $500
  • Profit $400


  • Buy a site for $1,000
  • Spend 2 months growing it
  • Sell for $2,500
  • Profit $1,500


  • Buy a site for $3,000
  • Grow it for 12 months
  • Sell it for $10,000
  • Profit $7,000

How to Get Started?

You want to learn website flipping. It’s easy believe it or not. This course takes you through the entire process, over a course of 3 months to build and develop a monetized website.

So, you can possibly earn money while you are growing the site, then flip it for a profit.

My last website flip was earning up to nearly $1,000/month while I was growing it, then I flipped it for a profit.

Why Would Someone Want to Flip Sites?

Flipping websites is a business where you can call yourself boss.

No reporting to someone else.

A lot at some of our past sales..

website flipping

Ready to Dive in?

Click here to read more about Website Flippers University to check out the curriculum, details, success stories and more for flipping websites!

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