8 Side Hustles So Simple That Even Kids Are Making Millions!

8 Side Hustles So Simple That Even Kids Are Making Millions!

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8 Side Hustles So Simple That Even Kids Are Making Millions!

8 Side Hustles So Simple That Even Kids Are Making Millions!

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Are you richer than a 5th grader?

There’s a good chance that you may not be.

Side gigs and side hustles are all the rage!

And thanks to the easy access to technology and social media, even kids are getting in on the action.

So what’s stopping you?

After all, they are a great way to make extra cash. And you may even be able to turn your hustle into a booming business.

Also, your earning potential is only as limited as your time and effort.

But the best part is, that it’s only a matter of choosing the right gig.

During the search to find my perfect side hustle, I came across some opportunities that are so simple that even kids could do them.


In fact, there are kids making millions of dollars with some of these hustles Right Now!

And here are a few ways that you can get your money-making ball rolling as well!

1. Start a YouTube Channel

Ever heard of Ryan’s Toy Review?

I sure hadn’t! Until I saw a story about him featured on my local news.

Photo credit: YouTube

8 Side Hustles So Simple That Even Kids Are Making Millions!

At age 4 Ryan enjoyed watching toy reviews on YouTube and decided he wanted to do his own videos.

So fast forward a few years, his own toy line, and 17 million followers later!

Forbes now lists him as the #1 highest paid YouTube star and estimates his 2018 revenue at $22 million. WHAT! Crazy right!

The most surprising thing is that he didn’t even invent something new. He just added his own spunky spin on an already popular idea.


Inspired yet?



2. Start a Website

Do you enjoy writing, or perhaps you like telling stories?

If so, then consider starting a blog. It’s a great way to reach and connect with lots of people.

An inspiring teen used her basement office to teach her peers how to create layouts for web pages.

All she did was show other people how to do something that she was already good at doing. And that led to her becoming a millionaire by age 17

Personally, after years of searching for the right side hustle, I finally came across blogging. It’s perfect for me because I enjoy writing and I get to express my creativity through my words.

Blogging also allows you to share your knowledge and experience.

And anyone, including kids, can start a blog!


You can write about anything that you are passionate about.


Also, you can monetize your site for unlimited cash potential.

You can get a free 3-day e-course with step by step instructions on How To Start A Money-making Blog here.


3. Craft Your Own Success

8 Side Hustles So Simple That Even Kids Are Making Millions!If you enjoy making things like jewelry, clothing, or other crafty items, why not make some extra cash as well?

This resourceful teen, Bella Weems, decided at age 14 that she wanted to start earning money to buy a car when she turned 16.

Photo credit: Origami Owl


After first babysitting to earn a few dollars, she then decided to let her creative juices flow.

She began selling her own handmade jewelry. And, she did more than earn enough to buy a car.

She turned her locket making hobby into a multi-million dollar business.

So if you have a knack for DIY goods, then put your creativity to work!

You can even start by selling your crafty creations on Amazon Handmade or eBay.


4. Have a Passion For Fashion?


Then it may be time to share your design creations with the world.

And there are so many inspiring stories of people who took a chance on their ideas and succeeded.

Like Isabella Rose Taylor, a 12-year-old who combined her love of art with her enthusiasm for design.

She created a fashion line which was sold by the upscale Nordstrom. And she has also been featured in New York’s Fashion Week. Impressive right!

Now even if you never achieve those particular accolades, you can still carve out a nice business doing the thing that you enjoy.

You could create your own e-commerce store with Shopify to begin selling your unique designs.

And just think, if a 12-year-old can do it, then so can you!


5. Sell Your Goodies


Do you have a great recipe that always leaves people begging for more?


Then why not give them what they want and make a profit at the same time?


Check out this 11-year old’s amazing adventure into entrepreneurship.


She turned her grandma’s lemonade recipe and her fascination for bees into an $11 million deal with Whole Foods.


I’ve seen first hand just how profitable baked goods can be.


Even when my own nieces needed some extra cash, they baked up a batch of their special brownie delights to sell their classmates.


They charged $2.00 per brownie, and the kids literally ate them up! The demand was so overwhelming that my nieces had to start taking orders and scheduling delivery dates.


Needless to say, they were rolling in cash!


So, if you have a creative and tasty concoction to share, then selling on Etsy is a great place to start.


6. Start A Lawn-Mowing Service


Got a lawnmower?


Well, guess what? According to one report, more than 70% of Americans have lawns.


And almost half of them also report hiring someone else to do their yard work for them.   


So if you have a green thumb and you’re looking for a side hustle, then this one is as easy as mowing a lawn.  


In fact, one kid started a lawn-mowing service at age 13. And how he began earning a 6-figure income by the time he was 18 years old.


He eventually turned his company into a million-dollar business.  



And if he can start a money-making business with just a lawnmower and a dream, then why can’t you!





7. Write Your Heart Out


Got a story to tell?


Well if you’ve never thought about being a writer than maybe you should.


Or, if you’ve thought about it but haven’t taken action, then what are you waiting for? An invitation? Uh, don’t hold you’re breath!


Watch this MSNBC clip of how this young boy turned his elementary school project into a New York Times bestseller by the age of 8.


Photo Credit: YouTube


He used a simple concept from his daily life about teaching boys how to talk to girls.


And if you’ve got an interesting topic to share, the good news is, that you don’t have to wait for a school project opportunity to come knocking.


You can learn some helpful information on how to self-publish your own book by researching Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing.



8. Unleash Your Inner Inventor


Have you ever come across a problem that you couldn’t find the right product or service for?


Then maybe YOU should invent it!


It doesn’t have to be anything as complicated as Artificial Intelligence. It could be something as simple as a better toothbrush.


It just needs to solve a problem and have a market of more people like yourself that are willing to pay for it.


No engineering degree required!


In fact, some of the products that you may have used before were invented by kids.


Photo Credit: The Richest.com


Ever had a popsicle? Yep, it was invented by a kid!


And it certainly did not take rocket science to come up with the idea.


So if you’re tired of wishing you had a solution, and you’re ready to create one, then here are 5 steps to help you take your solution from idea to invention.

  1. Flesh out your idea.
  2. Make a prototype.
  3. File a patent.
  4. Test the potential market.
  5. Sell the concept to someone else or make it yourself to sell.

The Takeaway


So do you have an idea, a hobby, or a special skill that you could turn into cash?


As these 8 take charge kids have shown, you don’t need to be a genius to have a money-making side hustle.


All you need is a lot of passion and determination.




Have you thought about starting a side hustle? What challenges are holding you back?



Hi, my name is DeShena an RN, turned blogger and entrepreneur.

The goal of my blog Extravagantly Broke is to help motivated individuals, especially women, to improve their money mindset.

I write about ways to earn more, save more, and increasing financial freedom to live your Extravagantly Best life!


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3 years ago

What a great blog post and very inspirational. Just what I needed this morning with my cup of coffee to face a busy Friday at work. Thank you! 😀

DeShena @ExtravagantlyBroke
Reply to  Kathleen

You are very welcome! Glad it inspired you! And thanks for reading!

3 years ago

Loved this! Turning hobbies into $$$ 🙂

DeShena @ExtravagantlyBroke
Reply to  Ola

Yes! It definitely is more fun when you can do what you love and get paid for it! Thanks for reading!

Rebecca | rebeccaspianokeys.com

I love that all these tips are a bit different from what we usually see on most side hustle lists. (They get a bit repetitive after a while, lol). I’ve never watched Ryan’s Toy Review, but I’ve heard of it. It’s one of my bf’s favourite things to complain about, haha! He’s always saying “I just don’t get it! This kid is making millions, because kids are watching him play with his toys! Why are all these kids watching some other kid play with toys, instead of playing with their own toys?!?!?!” (And if we’re being honest… I don’t get… Read more »

DeShena @ExtravagantlyBroke

LOL! You’re so right Rebecca! You would think playing with toys would be more fun than watching. But maybe it’s similar to adults watching reality shows…why do we watch other people falling in love, fighting and having adventures??? Perhaps we should be out having creating our own reality… I dunno! Whatever the reason, Ryan is certainly laughing all the way to the bank!

Nadia Malik
3 years ago

Great post. These are just a few examples of how people are making tons of money. My lawn guy is a young student and is making a very decent living, while doing it part time and studying full time. Consistency is the key here.

DeShena @ExtravagantlyBroke
Reply to  Nadia Malik

Totally agree Nadia! So many ways to earn good money doing something you’re good at and enjoy!

3 years ago

I live all ther ideas!! My son is a super entrepreneur (like his mom lol) sho I’m going to share these with him!

DeShena @ExtravagantlyBroke
Reply to  Sasha

Excellent Sasha! I’ve shared them with my son as well and he’s trying to build his YouTube empire, lol!

3 years ago

Great post with so many action ready ones. Pinning to go through in more details too! Thanks

DeShena @ExtravagantlyBroke
Reply to  joleisa

Thanks, Joleisa!

Jessica Dukharan
3 years ago

Wow! Thanks for putting this list together, DeShena! All of these examples are awesome and inspirational. I love how each story shows that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel or have a complex idea or strategy to make millions. Your business can be as simple as making & selling treats or filming & posting YouTube videos. For me, my side hustle is blogging, and I’m working on generating income from it through affiliate marketing (and selling my own products in the future). My challenges include building an audience, generating enough traffic to make sales, and being consistent with posting… Read more »

DeShena @ExtravagantlyBroke

I’m right there with you Jessica! I’ve faced many of the same challenges, especially since I still work full-time! I’m definitely working on improving my consistency and I do see progress. So hang in there and thanks for commenting!

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