8 Shop and Save Coupons To Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

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These Shop and Save Coupons Will Reduce Your Grocery Bill Like Crazy

Trying to find ways to trim your budget can be a daunting task. It can feel overwhelming to cut back on things that feel like necessity. Your groceries are no exception. No need to go without, with this round of amazing shop and save coupons and resources to help you whittle your grocery bill down with ease. Bookmark this post and check this out!

1.) Get Ibotta

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Have you heard of Ibotta? It’s a free app that helps you save money on your groceries. There are several features of the app that we absolutely love but one of our favorites is the scan and save feature where you upload your grocery receipt, Ibotta scans it and sends you cash back! Too easy!

You can earn cash back on more than just groceries too! Apparel, accessories, makeup, mobile apps and more.  Another cool feature is that the cash back you earn, is actually cash! No reward points here. You get actual cash back. They give you tons of options to redeem including to your PayPal account, Venmo and more.

2.) Dosh

Dosh is a cool resource we discovered recently. It’s a free app that you link your credit card (or debit card) to and earn cash back when you shop at participating retailers.

It’s just that easy.

I ordered Chinese food from a local restaurant last weekend and earned around $4 cash back for the purchase! They partner with all kinds of stores: gas stations, grocery stores, mattress retailers, department stores, etc. Just remember, you gotta link the card you buy stuff with, to the app. That’s it!

And if you love it so much that you refer your friends and family, there’s a killer referral program available too. Everybody is talking about Dosh. Join here.

3.) Your Grocery Store’s Rewards Program

Most grocery stores offer a rewards program. They are free to join and give you access to incredible perks that translate to putting money back in your pocket.

Get the latest news on current and upcoming sales, special coupons for rewards-only members, double coupon days, and so much more.

This is an often overlooked one but an incredible opportunity to save money on groceries.

4.) Get Ebates

Ebates is a tool that saves you money. It’s an app, you can use it on your computer, and the savings happens in an automated kind of way.

My favorite way to use Ebates?

They offer a free browser extension that you add to your computer. When you visit new web pages, if a coupon exists, the extension will tell you! Then, you just click one button to Activate the offer and after you buy, you’ll get an email notification telling you how much cash back you’ve earned.

I’ve been an Ebates member for 5 years and I really truly didn’t understand it’s full capability until just recently. I’ve earned cash back on SO MANY online purchases. It’s insane.

This is great for you online grocery shoppers (I’m in this boat too). You can activate the savings on Ebates’ browser extension and enjoy savings on your grocery purchases. Grab $25 to sign up here.

5.) Krazy Coupon Lady App

8 Shop and Save Coupons To Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

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This app is a goldmine! If you haven’t heard of Krazy Coupon Lady, this site is a hub for the very best savings you can get on your goods. They even help you by telling you what coupons to combine to get the best deal.

I’ve been a huge fan (and even wrote for the company) for years!

The good news? They have an app now!

So, here’s how it goes:  Get thousands of coupons and deal notifications right to your fingertips with this nifty app.  You can create a shopping list based on the sale items, and guides for how you can get everyday savings on your normal purchases. Download it free.

6.) Download your receipts and get savings with Fetch

Get the app, download your receipts, and get savings! You earn points for the brands you buy, and then you’ll have a chance to redeem those points for gift cards to awesome retailers.

7.) Save with Amazon

According to Krazy Coupon Lady, these 5 products (see below) are cheaper bought online than in person at stores:

  • Energy drinks
  • Clif Kidz bars
  • Huggies Diapers
  • Huggies Wipes
  • Dog food

8.) Brand Loyalty can be rewarding

What does this mean? Hop online to your local grocery store of choice and check out their store coupons in advance! I used to go shop and see a huge stand of coupons as I was walking into the store.

It would double the length of my grocery trip to try to grab those items on sale and a lot of time, cost me more money doing so because staying in the store longer means I’m going to be spending more (I’m an endcap grocery food thrower, it all ends up in the cart).

Save time and money by heading to the grocery store website to scout deals ahead of time. This makes a big difference, trust me.

8 Shop and Save Coupons To Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

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