6 Ways to Work From Bed (And, Make a Full Time Living)

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Working from Bed Full Time, The ULTIMATE Dream

So many people wanna achieve their dream, work from home in their pajamas. I do this! Not every day, mind you, but I do have days where I don’t make it out of my pajamas. The feeling is amazing, I have to be honest. There are so many benefits of working from home, better yet, working from bed.

  • Flexibility
  • Freedom
  • Comfort

I can go on and on. Without further adieu, check out these 6 ways to work from bed. Finally escape the rat race!

1.) Run Your Own Online Store

Ecommerce is so AWESOME! Anybody can do it, literally. There are teenagers doing this, earning $50K per month in their first few months, no joke.

Tip: Go to YouTube and search for “starting an ecommerce store” or “shopify store”

Use the terms above in YouTube search and you’ll see a ton of success stories from real people who have had success in ecommerce.

By the way, I’ve had success with ecommerce!

I started my store and ran it for a few years, earning six figures, before I sold it for a nice profit. You can do the same.


2.) Freelancing

If you have skills, you can work as a freelancer. Get clients, work projects, get paid. You make your own schedule (in most cases), you complete projects, you can make unlimited income.

Here are some examples of freelance jobs you can do:

  • Manage social media for businesses
  • Create logos for brands and bloggers
  • Be a virtual assistant
  • Do copywriting work for magazines, blogs, websites, etc.

Find jobs in a snap by joining Upwork.

3.) Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers make a lot of money. It’s a lot easier to do than you may think and you can totally do it part time and earn a full time income!

Here’s how it goes:

You get paid a commission for referring products to customers that result in a purchase.

For example, if you refer a women’s dress to a customer and it results in a $100 sale. You earn a commission on that sale.

The commission will vary according to the affiliate program but you can earn a flat amount like $10 per sale or a percentage like 40% of the purchase price.

One blogger makes $50K+ per month from affiliate marketing alone.

How does she do it? She refers products to her blog readers. Pretty simple stuff right.

In fact, she actually teaches her strategy to others too.

I followed her teachings and my affiliate income went from $80 to over $800 in just 3 weeks! Yes, I 10X’d my income!

4.) Blogging

Yes, blogging! This is one of my top income streams. You can make more money than you ever could working for an employer. Keep in mind, everybody does not make it as a blogger. You have to be patient. Some see success in a few months, others may take a few years.


Here are some newer bloggers that hit it big:

  • The Savvy Couple
  • Crowdwork News
  • The Million Dollar Mama

When I say hit it big, I mean, they earn around $4K to $10Kish per month. That’s big in my eyes, haha.

It’s so easy..

Step 1.) Pick a niche and blog name

Step 2.) Get domain and hosting (get em’ both)

Step 3.) Add WordPress

Step 4.) Starting adding content and make money!

Need more of a hand holding?



Work from bed, heck work from anywhere. I write my blogs from coffee shops, the park, etc. It’s so freeing and you can make a lot of money. You will love it!

Ramp up your blogging income quickly and get your first $1,000 with this awesome course, Glam Grand. It’s a steal at just $20 for an entire course. Brought to you by 11-time successful blog creator, Jenn Leach (psstt..me).

5.) Get into Microtasking

This is a kind of like virtual assisting but on a smaller scale. You’ll get paid to do small tasks for others. You join microtask sites and/or apps, do those tasks and get paid.

Check out..

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Github
  • Microworkers

These are not high-paying jobs so you’ll have to do quite a few of them to make it into a full-time living kind of thing. But hey, you get to work from bed! You get to pick and choose what kind of work you wanna do. You get that 3-hour lunch break you always wanted and the ability to plan your vacation any time you want!

6.) Flip Websites

22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

This is just what it sounds like. You buy or build a site, then flip it for a profit. A lot of people don’t know about this, but it’s quite lucrative. You can do the same thing with domain names too!

I do this, and make $40K+ per year, easily. I do this on the side, by the way.

My process:

Step 1.) Build a site

Step 2.) Monetize it

Step 3.) Get traffic to it

Step 4.) Sell it

Simple stuff, friends. My sites earn from month 1. Learn how I do it, in my course, Website Flippers University! I’ll take you through my entire process and you can watch me build a brand new site from scratch!

Let’s Recap

Six awesome ways to work from bed. Here they are:

1.) Start an Online Store

Escape the rat race by starting your own online store. You can start your Shopify store in less than 30 minutes and start earning thousands per month within the first 30 days!
Ecommerce is so fulfilling and you will never get bored, trust me.

2.) Break into Freelancing

Start a freelancing career. There are so many fields you can enter, from graphic design to web development. Take a survey of your skills, join Upwork and apply to projects.

3.) Affiliate Marketing

4.) Blogging

Blogging can turn into a full time gig quite quickly if you treat it like one. Start earning thousands per month in the first few months by:

  • Being active on social media
  • Answering burning questions that your audience has and writing awesome blog posts about it
  • SEO the heck out of your blog
  • Monetize your blog by linking to meaningful content, products, services, and resources that you stand behind

Get more info on blogging by browsing our entire Blogging category of the website. You’ll love this!

5.) Microtasking

Get paid to do small tasks for others. Join these task sites and start work:

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Github
  • Microworkers

6.) Flip websites

This will be right up your alley if you enjoy creating something meaningful out of nothing. This is perfect for creatives. You can pick your website category, take charge of the design, do the entire project yourself. Then, flip it for a profit! Wanna get more details?

Join Website Flippers University, where you’ll get the full process to start, grow, monetize and flip a website!

Do you work from bed? Comment below to share how you do it so we can keep adding to the list!

6 Ways to Work From Bed (And, Make a Full Time Living)

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6 Ways to Work From Bed (And, Make a Full Time Living)

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6 Ways to Work From Bed (And, Make a Full Time Living)

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