40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

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40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

Want extra money? Why didn’t you say so? I’ve been making extra money for over a decade. For years, I’d live on just my paycheck but then I started looking into extra money making opportunities so today, I bring you 40 easy ways to make extra money now!

1.) Blogging

This is #1 on the list. I’ve only been blogging for a few years but I’ve made A LOT of money doing it and I only do it part time. Think about it, $10K/month on just 3-5 hours/week. Yes puhleeeaseee!

It’s super easy but you have to be patient because building an audience and making money can take time. For me, I started earning in month 1 and started seeing near four figures in month 3, ramping up from there. Here are my best pieces of advice for new bloggers:

  • Start now, don’t procrastinate
  • Do something daily: add to your blog every single day, whether it be posting new content or promoting, emailing your list, etc.
  • Start building your list from day one
  • Take your time


2.) Online Surveys for Cash

Register for free, take your surveys, get paid. Soooo easy. I’ve been doing this for years, making hundreds to thousands every month!

Learn how I make $100/survey!

My favorite survey companies: Vindale Research, Survey Savvy

My Honest Review: Vindale Research, Earn an Extra $500 This Month

3.) Check if Stores Owe You Money

With Paribus, you can see if you’re owed cash back from your store purchases. It’s free and super easy. Sign up, add your email and check if you’re owed cashback. If you haven’t done this yet, you are in for a TREAT!

4.) Get Cash Back on Purchases You Make Online

Are you already planning to buy online on Best Buy, Old Navy, Sears, etc.? Visit a cashback site and access your favorite stores instantly to earn cash back of up to 10% on select stores. No strings attached. No gimmicks. No hidden fees.

A fellow blogger friend of mine accrues all her cash back and waits until end of year to redeem her cash for Christmas shopping. Last year, she had over $500 which she put on an Amazon gift card. Then, she went on a real Amazon shopping spree.

5.) Dog walking

6.) Pet sitting

7.) Babysitting

8.) House sitting

Sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? You get paid to housesit. Yes, people actually pay for this. Why? While away on extended vacations or away on business trips, their house needs to be kept. Plants need to be watered, pets need to be let out, homes need to be dusted and cleaned, and other maintenance.

New York City, Spain, there are house sitting opportunities around the world.

Trusted Housesitters is a company I recently learned about that matches homeowners with house sitters.  They offer petsitting too.

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

9.) Renting out your spare room

Rent out your spare room in your home, your garage, even our houseboat with AirBNB. Try HomeAway and other sites as well. As a part time room renter you could bring in just under four figures per month by renting out a few days a week.

10.) Renting out your car

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

Nowadays you can rent just about anything: designer handbags, designer gowns, homes, cars, you name it!

Check out Turo (and other new companies popping up) that allow you to rent out your car, just like AirBNB does home rental. Super cool.

11.) Flipping flea market items

12.) Flipping websites

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

Get paid to flip websites! Build, grow and monetize a site, then flip it for a profit! I’ve made six figures doing this and so can you!

Join Website Flipper University so you can learn EXACTLY how to start this lucrative business for yourself!

13.) Flipping goods around the house

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

Take an accounting of your home goods. This can include:

  • Small appliances
  • Outgrown clothes
  • Vintage shoes or outerwear
  • Ceramics
  • Used electronics
  • And more!

Get on eBay or visit a local consignment shop and sell your stuff. Done!

14.) Start an ecommerce store

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

Open an online store and make a killing, just in time for the holidays! You can sell physical or digital goods.

Break into dropshipping and bear the least amount of out of pocket cost up front. It’s so easy to get started and new entrepreneurs are making four and figures in their first month!

Join Shopify, grab your monthly plan, get an attractive free theme, source and add products and start selling!

15.) Become a Pinterest manager

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

You can actually get paid to manage Pinterest accounts for companies. How? Pinterest is such a valuable social traffic resource for businesses. It’s an incredible way to drive free traffic to your company.

Yet, a lot of companies can’t wrap their head around how to manage it.

Are you a Pinterest fanatic? Do you love collecting loads of pins and binging on them later. Think you got what it takes to do that for businesses and learn about using Pinterest for traffic.

This money making opportunity can fetch $2,000 per client! Check it out.

16.) Consult on the side

17.) Deliver groceries for Instacart

18.) Become a Lyft Driver

19.) Become YouTube famous and get paid to advertise

20.) Teach courses online

21.) Write ebooks

22.) Start a podcast and get paid by sponsors

23.) Repair iPhones and iPads

24.) Flip used electronics

25.) Sell old clothes

26.) Sell old shoes

27.) Get into retail arbitrage

28.) Start and monetize a Facebook group

29.) Build websites

Get paid to build websites for others.  You can charge $500+ per site and create 5-10 per week once you become really good at it. You can even outsource and hire staff to build the websites for your business. This is a lucrative field that will be growing in 2019.

30.) Manage Facebook ads for businesses

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

Facebook ads! They are the bane of existence for businesses. Just joking. They can be really tricky to get working for you and expensive until you finally figure it out. Once you do, you can charge a monthly retainer to manage Facebook ad budgets for companies.

It’s a skill that everybody doesn’t get so if you’ve got it, monetize it! Start with ads for yourself! Get leads on Facebook and pitch those leads. From there, keep scaling to the level you’re comfortable with and make a nice business for yourself.

31.) Become a virtual assistant

32.) Grow Instagram accounts for brands

33.) Design logos

34.) Write articles for blogs

35.) Become an Amazon FBA Seller

36.) Break into affiliate marketing

37.) Sell services on Fiverr

38.) Write product descriptions

39.) Proofread documents

40.) Learn computer programming

Wrap Up

Whew, there you go, 40 ways to make money. Peruse through these and see which one is a fit for you. Do you have ideas to expand on this list? We would love to keep growing it. Share down below in comments!

40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

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40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now

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40 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Now
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