22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

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22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

Passive income is something most people crave, I think. Everybody wants money but not everybody wants to work for it. There are some really SMART ways to generate income passively without much effort in startup phase. Keep reading to learn about these 22 passive income ideas perfect for lazy people.

Free Money with a Total Hands Off Approach

22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

Use Top Cashback! Have you heard of it? You know your regular monthly online shopping you do throughout the year. Access Top Cashback before you start your shopping to earn cash back on your purchases! It’s just that easy.

  • It’s Free
  • It’s Easy to Join
  • It’s Legitimate

I’ve earned almost $100 this year using Top Cashback and I’m not even a heavy online shopper! You’ll love it because all you need to do is login to  your Top Cashback account, access your favorite stores (Walmart.com, Bestbuy.com, etc.), do your online shopping and earn cashback.

22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

Next up, Ibotta! The app that puts money back in your pocket from grocery purchases.  You grab the app for free on your cell phone then browse it for the best deals and sales on groceries, in addition to getting cash back.

There are many ways to earn cashback but my favorite is through scanning your receipts with your cell phone to find hidden cash. It’s so easy! Just take a photo of your receipt and get your cash. You will love this.

22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

This is free money, guys. Don’t miss out on this! Join for free here.

Time Investment in Exchange for Unlimited Income

22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

This is with blogging! Blogging is awesome because it can be very fruitful. There are bloggers earning $100K per month! Some do it almost exclusively passively.  Michelle makes six figures almost every month (this is how she does it). Ashli earns $5K to $7K per month on her new blog (she shows you how here). Jenn (psstt..that’s ME!) makes $10K+ per month blogging (she teaches you how to make your first $1,000 right here).

Learn how to start your blog super easily and start your journey to making money passively.

Rent out your Vehicle

22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

Use Turo and rent out your car. Just like AirBNB renting out your place to short term renters, you can do the same thing with your car. Think about it. Are you home all weekend? Do your mid-week day offs result in you just chillen at your home? Why not rent out your car during this time?

You can earn income this way by doing absolutely nothing. Passive income!

Renting out Your Home

This works the same way car rental does. If you have an investment property or own your own home (including houseboats and condos), look to AirBNB. You can make a LOT of money with short term rentals using your own home.

This is a no-brainer. Keep in mind, you can still live in your home, making a killing renting out a spare room, the garage, even a houseboat you own, etc.

Think about it…

1 spare room at $75/night (rents out 10 nights/month)=$750!

1 entire house at $200/night (rents out 10 nights/month)=$2,000!

Teach Courses Online

Create a course. Sell it. That’s it! Simple formula, right?

Imagine this..You write an awesome course, and price it at $100. You sell around 20/month. That’s a cool $2,000 passively. If you make more courses, you can double your earnings or more!

My favorite platforms for creating courses:

Teachable gives you a lot of flexibility. You can create courses with ease, free or paid. And, price the course however you wish: subscription, one-time, etc.  You pay an affordable monthly fee based on the package you select.

Udemy is free to join. Your courses can be priced as you wish however, they will be included in sales that Udemy offers from time to time. So, if you belong to Udemy, your $200 course could be slashed to $10, during a sale or promo period.

Write ebooks

Just like courses, you can make a LOT of money by writing ebooks. Write it. sell it. Just like that. Ebooks are usually priced lower than courses but the friendlier price point may result in a greater number of sales.

Tips for creating awesome ebooks:

  • Write for your audience
  • Solve a problem or answer a burning question
  • Make it professional
  • Test it
  • Price accordingly

Create digital products

Some examples: printables, guides, etc. Just like courses and ebooks, creating digital products are a great way to make income passively. Multiply the number of products you create to make even MORE money!

Don’t overthink this too much. Create your product using tools you already have access to, like MS Word, MS Powerpoint, Canva, etc. Distribute using tools like Sendowl (my favorite) or Gumroad.

Get Paid to have an app on your phone

You can install an app on your cell phone and get paid for doing absolutely nothing. No actual work and you’ll receive steady income. Crazy right.

How cool would it be to earn extra money just for installing an app? No strings attached!

Here are some companies that offer this:

Get Paid to lose weight

Yes, this IS a thing. The first way you can earn is through a program called Healthy Wage. It’s super simple and you can EARN a LOT doing this. Simply sign up with Healthy Wage, set your weight loss goals and make your wagers.

You’ll set a wager of say, $25 per month and contribute that amount to Healthy Wage every single month until you reach your goal. If you reach your goal, Healthy Wage pays you!

I’ve read success stories of women earning $3,000 to $4,000 after hitting their weight loss goal! No joke. Read about them here.

So, you see, it does PAY to lose weight!

The second option is through a tool called Sweatcoin.

Sweatcoin is so fun. It’s an app that rewards you for the daily steps you take! Literally, get paid to walk. I recently installed this free app on my Vegas vacation. Walking 20K to 30K steps per day for 4-5 days certainly pays! Grab this (it’s free)!


I’ve been into dropshipping for years. I have earned six figures doing it. Here’s how it works:

Step 1.) Open an online store

Step 2.) Sell products

Step 3.) Dropship and earn money

If you go through  Shopify, you can automate the entire process making a real cash machine with dropshipping passively. Use an app called Oberlo which lets you automatically import products into your store AND fulfill orders as they come in. It’s super easy.

There are tons of kids (yes, teenagers) who are making $30,000 to $50,000 per month with Shopify and dropshipping. Get inspired by reading and watching more about dropshipping here.

Get Paid to online shop

If you regularly shop online on Amazon like I do, you’ll be happy to hear that this company will pay you to track your purchase history. Earn money instantly for doing nothing more than what you are ALREADY doing!

This company Shoptracker will send you a $3 Visa gift card and additional money every month thereafter when you install their app. So easy right? Join right here.

See if Stores Owe You Money

Have you heard of Paribus? This neat little app scans your online purchase history to see if stores owe you cash back on your purchases. It’s the easiest thing ever and totally free. Sign up for free and see what cash back you’re in store for!

There are many more perks to this.

I recently made an Amazon purchase of 3 items: 2 pairs of sunglasses and 1 iPad case. 1 pair of sunnies and the iPad case made it to me on time but my other pair or sunnies were delayed, arriving a day late. It was really no biggie to me but Paribus identified the late arrival and sent me an email with exactly what to email Amazon so I can get a month of Amazon Prime for free and a credit.

I did it and less than 6 hours later, Amazon replied back and gave me a lovely credit. All this for just speaking up. Do you know how many late shipments I could have done this with? I don’t get a lot, granted, however, for the one or two that may happen during the year, it’s great to know that you can be compensated for Amazon not living up to their shipping promise.

A New Kind of Real Estate Investing

So, there’s this company called Fundrise. They actively acquire and improve real estate on your behalf.  Your investment gets diversified across tons of individual real estate properties. You start by joining for free. Then, you get to pick an investment plan..

22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

It’s a REALLY EASY way to get your toes wet with real estate investing. If you’re unhappy or not satisfied within the first 90 days, Fundrise will actually buy your investment back!

Get Into Peer to Peer Lending

Try Lending Club. If you wanna earn way more interest on your money than you can in your bank account, check this out…

Wrap Up

Passive income is a very real opportunity that can be had. How awesome would it be to earn income while sleep? Earn income while on vacation? Earn income while doing nothing! Try out these passive income ideas to start building your wealth, starting today.


22 Passive Income Ideas for Lazy People

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22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

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22 Passive Income Ideas For Lazy People

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these are such great tips my friend! i def need to get on the ‘online shopping’ amazon! thanks for sharing such great tips for beginners and lazy people ha

Brittany Darrington of www.brittanydarrington.com

Absolutely love digital products! So many people have great fits within and the world needs their knowledge and expertise.

Thanks for sharing this great post!

Jay | Life of Creed

Great list! I haven’t heard of Top Cash, so I will be checking it out. Ibotta is one of my favorite apps on my phone. Thanks for sharing!


This is a fantastic resource! There are many suggestions on this list that are new to me. Looks like I have some research to do. 🙂

Eileen M Loya

I have to find out how to earn that much from blogging! Oh wow. That is going to save our sinking ship! Thanks for this article!


Wow great tips! Def will look into the things you suggested!


Very useful, I hadn’t thought about some of these ideas!

Chelsea Pearl

So many great income sources listed here. Writing an eBook is definitely on my list this year!


Great tips! I definitely have to check out Paribus – it sounds like a great little money saver!


This is such a great list! I’ve seen a few things I’ve had my eyes on and actually saw one or two that I would have never thought as methods for incomes. Definitely will be bookmarking this!

xx Tatyanna

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