2022 Challenge: 12 Months to Sample 12 Side Gigs

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2022 Mama Challenge 12 Side Gigs

We are declaring 2022 the year of the side gigs!  Here’s the challenge: sample 12 side gigs in 12 months.  Give each a try, knowing if you don’t love it, there’s always something new planned for next month.

We researched the longest lists of side gigs and looked for the ones most likely to work for an absolute beginner.  If it doesn’t come with step-by-step instructions, we threw it out the window.

The cool thing is, if you start with the mindset of “I’m a beginner, and this is new,” but find you are really naturally talented at one of these side gigs, you may end up launching a new career with it!  And we would love that for you, Mama!

If something in the list looks too easy, just whip through it and jump ahead of the class.  And send us your notes!  Your insights can help all the other Mamas find their grooves, too.

And, the opposite, if something is too difficult, do not beat yourself up!

This is meant to be a fun challenge, a way to dip a toe into the ocean of side hustles without any risk of drowning in an overwhelming job.  If you don’t have the resources or the time that month or something else is holding you back, that’s okay.  You can save that month’s plan and do it another month, or skip it entirely.  Most of these gigs are one-month only, but we strongly recommend you give February (Be a Blogger!) a good try because it leads into other side hustles later in the year (hint, hint).

What’s on the list?

2022 Challenge: 12 Months to Sample 12 Side Gigs

1. January: Surveys

People are always asking you questions.  (You’re a Mama.  It’s part of the job description.)  Wouldn’t it be nice to get paid to answer those questions?

We’ll suggest survey groups to join, help you avoid scammer survey groups, and look at other people’s success.  Some (like Jenn!) tell us they make $100 per hour completing surveys!

2. February: Blogger (Absolute Beginner!)

If you have ever written a text message or an email, you can be a blogger.  Don’t believe us?

In February, we will outline the steps to start and run a very basic, money-making blog.  This advice will be for absolute beginners.  No experience necessary.  The point is to make it easy-peasy.

For February, we do not expect to make much money—brand new blogs seldom do—but we will check back on your beginner blog later in the year. (When?  Remember, you are going to sample 12 side gigs throughout 2022, so we will hit this in April, September, and December—but don’t skip ahead!)

To be clear: This is NOT a get-rich-quick or build-a-million-dollar-blog-in-5-minutes sales pitch.  We will stick to the basics, build a very simple beginner blog, and set the stage for increasing the blog’s income later in the year.

3. March: Rent It Out!

Almost anything can be rented out:

My family rented someone’s trailer while we were house hunting in a new area.

I rented a room in a stranger’s home.  (And it was better than a hotel!)

People rent out their cars when they don’t need them.

Lawn equipment, furniture, clothing—you really can rent out almost anything.

People even rent fake significant others so they don’t have to go solo to a high school reunion or wedding!

For March we will browse through legit rental groups, help you inventory what you feel comfortable renting to others, and explore how much money can be made by renting it out.  (Like a preview?  A few popular rent it out options are mention in this article on passive income.)

4. April: Sell Links on Your Site

Remember that blog you made in February?  It’s been marinating for over a month.  It’s time to take it up a notch from beginner blogger money making to selling links on your site.

Not sure what a link really is?  We’ll show you.  Chances are, while you weren’t looking, some other people found your site and created links TO it.

Now you can sell links FROM your blog.  Just like in February, we will stick to keeping it simple.  Learn the easy ways (and hard ways—in case you’re curious!) to sell links.  Read about the types of links that are most valuable (and earn you more money).  Evaluate your blog to see which types of links make sense.

Worried about computer skills?  We will keep everything is easy as possible.

5. May: Mothers’ Day Out Helper

Does “Mothers’ Day Out Helper” mean babysitter?  Yes, and no.

For May, let’s tap into the whole “Mothers” industry and take a look at who makes money when Mamas get time for themselves or a little Mama help.  This includes babysitters, of course, but goes way beyond to the groups that create Mothers’ Day Out programs, individual businesses catering to Mamas who need a break, and businesses who help Mamas take care of things on their to-do lists.

You will discover several ways you can get a side gig (and earn income!) helping other Mamas—and you might be surprised at how seamlessly these activities fit into your current schedule as a Mama.

6. June AND 7. July: Out of School Side Hustles

You’re a Mama.  (We strongly suspect this because the site’s name is Mamas On Money, and we tend to attract mostly Mamas.)

So, you’re a Mama.  Summers are crazy.  Kids are out of school.  You might have a big family vacation planned.  The kids need entertaining.  Is there enough time in the day for a Mama to have a side hustle in the summer?


June and July, the prime out-of-school months are ripe with opportunities, and many of them are side jobs you can do WITH your kids nearby.  We’ll run through several real-life examples of how Mamas ran their summer side gigs while simultaneously being amazing Mamas!  Let their experiences inspire your summer plans.

8. August: BTS PT Employee

What does Back-to-School time mean to you?

To many employers, it means their younger employees are no longer available.  For summer-based companies, that’s no problem, but for retailers catering to back-to-school shopping, it’s trouble.  Trouble?  You can solve trouble!  And you’ll get paid to do it.

Whether you consider a short-term, part-time employment opportunity as a “side gig” or want to call it something else, there are businesses, especially retailers, absolutely starving for workers during back-to-school season.  This August, grab a side gig working for a retailer.

And if you were planning on skipping this side hustle just because you’re a stay-at-home mama, Don’t!  Back-to-school means an increase in telework jobs in certain niches, too, like answering all the questions incoming students (and their parents!) have before the new semester begins, scheduling last-minute dental and physical checkups, and assisting with travel arrangements.

We’ll coach you on finding a job that fits your schedule and expectations as well as how to land the job.


9. September: Virtual Jobs

Define “Virtual Job.”

The category of “virtual jobs” is constantly expanding.  Most people agree that “virtual job” means someone exists and performs work without being physically present.  After that, exactly what qualifies as “virtual job” is a little murky.  What’s crystal clear is employers want to hire people for specific tasks their companies either do not have the time or talent to accomplish.

I could insert a mile-long list of virtual jobs, but I won’t, because what really matters is what YOU want to do.  Which skills do you want to flex?  What arrangements make you most comfortable?

In preparation for Septembers Virtual Jobs month, we will help survey your talents and match them to virtual jobs you are most likely to enjoy.  Then, we’ll show you where to find the jobs listed and explain how to get noticed (and hired!) for your dream virtual job.


10. October: Odd Jobs

Go take a look at your neighborhood Facebook page.  What do people in your area need?  What are they desperately posting for?

They likely need a little help.  And you can do it!

Are your neighbors complaining they can’t get a lawn service to show up to mow the grass, rake the leaves, weed, and trim the hedges?  Some teens in my neighborhood started a business to do all of those things.  They charge less than professionals and their ads make it clear they are not (yet) professionals.

Another big “ask” in my neighborhood Facebook page is for pet sitters and dog walkers.  A neighbor hired my 7-year-old to feed and play with her cat, water the plants, and bring in any packages while the neighbor was gone a month.  As often as I see people asking for recommendations for a good pet sitter, I also see people posting that they are available to pet sit.

What are the needs in your neighborhood?  Scroll through Facebook or other neighborhood sites.  Make a list.  And—before you announce you are available to conquer those needs—let’s go over a few professional tips  to make sure the money you make with these odd jobs will be worth your time and effort.

11. November: Upgrade Your PT Job

Did you love your last job?  Even if you really did love it, did you ever catch yourself thinking about doing something slightly different?  If you were a cashier, did you ever envy that replenishment associates did not have to constantly be talking with customers?  If you were working the sandwich shop in a food court, did you notice how much happier the pizza place employees looked—and how they always got out on time?  When you are shopping, do you ever find yourself rearranging merchandise more neatly or helping other customers find what they need?

It’s time to upgrade your previous job.  Remember, the challenge is to sample 12 side gigs in 2022, and this one in the “November: Upgrade.”  Decide what you want to change about your previous work experience—hours, pay, assigned duties, location, etc.  And ask for it.

Yes, it’s that simple.  Go to the person in charge of hiring and say it simply.  We’ll help you evaluate your past experiences and coach you how to land the next part-time side gig.  Remember, we’re targeting November here, when many businesses are hiring to cover their holiday shopping needs.  Go in with an expectation of a 4-to-6-week side gig.

12. December: Flip Your Website

Remember that blog you created in February when you sampled the side gig of blogging?  And you revisited it in April to sell links on your site?  You might have even used your blog in September while you explored your talents for virtual jobs.  To end the year, you are going to end your blog.  And make money doing it.

Don’t panic.  You don’t actually have to sell your blog.  For now, how about reading some real people’s examples of how, where, and for how much money they sold their blogs?  Let them inspire you to consider under what conditions you would flip your website.

After covering real-life examples of people who sold their blogs, we will walk through the steps of how to decide how much YOUR blog is worth, then we will look at marketplaces for announcing your website is for sale.


2022 Challenge: 12 Months to Sample 12 Side Gigs—Wait, Is It Over?

After 12 months sampling 12 different side jobs, you should sit back and evaluate how things went.  We will help you compare your 12 side gigs 2022 experiences and even offer tips on comparing very different things—like a side gig that made you tons of money but you hated versus the side gig where you had a good time but didn’t make much money.

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