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18 Profitable Blog Niches That Make Good Money and Get Traffic

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18 Profitable Blog Niches to Get You Money (and Traffic)

18 Profitable Blog Niches that Make Money

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Have you ever thought about blogging? It’s so rewarding to share your expertise and experience with others. There are a ton of cool benefits like:

  • Making friends
  • Networking opportunities
  • Cultivating an audience
  • Finding clients
  • Making money
  • Being your own boss
  • And much more!

Blogging is super lucrative. I make five figures per month with the help of blogging and Michelle makes over $50,000 per month. Ashli makes $5K-$7K monthly from her brand new blog.

Jump on the bandwagon!

I started blogging a few years ago after the successful sale of my ecommerce business. I had worked with bloggers and influencers all throughout the time I ran my online store, never really knowing what bloggers were gaining from blogging, other than freebies. This all changed when I came across one of Michelle’s income report pins on Pinterest.

The pin led me to an article which revealed a $60K-ish month she had from blogging!

I was just incredibly shocked and that first pin led me down a rabbit hole of searching for more income reports (and there are plenty) on Pinterest. What I found? Bloggers making a full-time living with blogging, through sponsorships, their own products, affiliate marketing and more. And so, I set out to try this blogging thing. Years later I am still at it, now making five figures monthly thanks to blogging.

So, if you’re ready to dive in, step 1 is gonna be to pick your niche. Below are 18 profitable blog niches to earn you money and get traffic from the start!


18 Profitable Blog Niches that Make Money

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1.) Blogging (I created many blogs in this niche)

2.) Fashion

3.) Education

4.) Nutrition (I created a blog in this niche)

5.) Mental health

6.) Minimalism

7.) Food and recipes

8.) Survivalist

9.) Small business (I created a blog in this niche)

10.) Career

11.) Personal finance (I created a blog in this niche)

12.) Budgeting (I created a blog in this niche)

13.) Couponing

14.) Investing

15.) Retirement

16.) Parenting (I created a blog in this niche)

17.) Homesteading

18.) Travel (I created a blog in this niche)

This is no specific order. Do you know what most of these niches have in common? They are niches drawn to a passionate audience. If your readers are passionate about your content, they will become loyal and they will keep coming back (and refer you) time and time again.

It can be so tough (and expensive) to attract an audience. Once you have them, you don’t wanna let go. If your content appeals to the passions of your audience, it’ll be easier to make money and gain traffic.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Ok, there you have it. Once you’ve honed in on your niche, step 2 is gonna be to start your blog. Take my free 3-day email course below to learn how to lay the foundation for and start your money making blog:

Questions? Comment below if you’d like to pick my brain.

18 Profitable Blog Niches that Make Money

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