100 Days of $100 with Ebooks

100 Days of $100 with Ebooks

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100 Days of $100 with Ebooks | Make Money Ebooks Strategy

Want to find out exactly how much you can make with ebooks? 100 days of $100 is $10,000 and you can do it with ebooks. Keep reading to learn how you can make some major money with ebook publishing. You’ll get the full scoop on this make money ebooks strategy.  This is from personal experience by the way. I’ve published many ebooks and I’ll share some killer tactics to make the most doing it!

What are Ebooks All About?

100 Days of $100 with Ebooks

Ebooks are books in digital format. They are great because you don’t have to order a physical book online and wait for shipping or drive to your local book store, find something you like and wonder about the reviews or if it’s actually worth buying.

Ebook are an excellent solution. They are sold privately by authors, in marketplaces like Amazon and much more. Here’s how YOU can get started publishing your first ebook.

Publishing an Ebook for Newbies

First, you pick your topic. Think of a problem and think of a solution you can provide. It all starts here.

Here are some of the topics my published ebooks were about:

  • Making money flipping websites (psstt…there’s a course on it now)
  • Finding paying blog sponsors
  • Growing your Instagram following
  • Getting loads of traffic with Pinterest

You can see that each book solves a problem: making money, sourcing hard to find brands, growing a social media following, getting more traffic, etc.

Start with your niche and think about a problem your audience has. Once you’ve got this down, start writing.

Once your finished draft is done, put the finishing touches.

You can create an ebook cover easily with Canva.

Check out this quick tutorial of using Canva to create graphics:

Put your ebook into PDF format and grab a digital delivery tool like Sendowl to help you collect sales and distribute ebooks to customers after they pay.

100 Days of $100 with Ebooks

Promoting Your Ebook

This is big, guys. Without proper promotion, your ebook will not be seen and will not be sold. Here’s how you do it:

The Free Way

Get on social media and broadcast your launch like crazy. Share with your followers on ALL social networks you’re on, then rinse and repeat.

Then, share the message with every Facebook group, Twitter list, and other collaborative board you are on.

Lastly, email market the heck out of it. Send emails to your list about your ebook.

The Paid Way

Two words, Facebook ads. Invest in a modest budget ($5 or $10 per day), target the right audience and leave your ads on. Test a few different ads, and make sure to leave each running for at least 72 hours to get a full grasp of the results.

Final Thoughts

That’s all there is to it! Skeptical? Try it! I have used this method on EVERY ONE of my ebooks. Do you have some tactics to share of your own? Comment below so we can hear from you!

100 Days of $100 with Ebooks

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100 Days of $100 with Ebooks

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY with ebooks

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