10 ways for kids to make money

10 Ways for Kids to Make Money

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10 Ways for Kids to Make Money

10 ways for kids to make money)

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It’s tough as a kid. You’ve taught your son or daughter the value of a dollar and now they want to make money for themselves. More than the $5/week allowance that they get for chores around the house, they are ambitious, but at the same time, they are a kid. So how can your kid make money? Check out these 10 ways for kids to make money, that you’ll be in support of.

1.) Yard Work

This will catch on quick with the neighbors. If your next door neighbor sees your son raking leaves for the neighbor across the street, they’ll want to get their leaves raked. Some examples of yard work to be done might include:

  • Raking leaves
  • Trimming shrubs
  • Mowing the lawn

These should be age-appropriate. A push mower, with supervision, should be ok for a 16-year old.  I’ve seen children at 10 or 12 mowing the lawn. Exercise caution. Same goes with using yard tools for trimming hedges and such.

Tedious yard work is a chore that many people outsource. Instead of paying $30/week for an expensive yard guy, investing half that or less while teaching a child about working for money, is the path that many homeowners would rather take.

2.) Petsitting

Is your child a pet lover? Pet sitting is the perfect job. This usually involves walking a dog, or letting pets outside in the backyard. Feeding the pet, brushing their fur, and related activities.

It won’t feel like work to an animal lover.  This is great for families that go out weekend outings and would like someone to keep an eye on their pet or people going out of town.

3.) Dog walking

This is a chore that can grow tedious for petowners. Walking your dog daily can grow boring but it’s an activity that helps your dog get exercise and required, for them to exercise their bowels.

Your pet-loving child can walk dogs after school or on the weekend. This would be an easy little business to get started in the neighborhood. Putting up flyers at the mailboxes or making an announcement at church or school, is a great way to spread word.

4.) Washing cars

Another great idea. It all starts with you mom or dad. Get your son or daughter to wash your car in the driveway. Neighbors will see this and want their car washed. It will spread like wild fire.

It will be easy to make this into a regular thing, $5/week for weekend car washes. Getting 5 neighbors as customers means $25/week!

Parents, you can even ask your friends if they want their car washed. Who’s gonna say no?

5.) Become daddy’s assistant

This is like an upgraded version of chores around the home, that pay more. It can include things like:

  • Reading a list, while daddy types
  • Helping out with Spring cleaning
  • Washing windows
  • Cleaning out Dad’s car

The list can go on and on.

6.) Open a lemonade or cookie stand

Yes, these still exist. A great way to actually make A LOT of money and teach your kids entry-level lessons about starting and running a business.

Head to your grocery store to buy supplies, set up a stand, make a homemade stand, and wait for traffic. This is great during a hot summer’s day or a weekend afternoon.

7.) Paid surveys

Yes, there are surveys that kids can do, with parent consent. Anywhere you can take a survey, check on age restrictions and inquire for kid-specific surveys.

8.) Start an Instagram account

There are tons of kids’ Instagram accounts that have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. Parents may have to monitor or manage, but as the account grows, big companies might offer paid sponsorships for your child to talk about the brand to their followers.

9.) Water plants for the elderly

Watering plants is a requirement to have plants nourished and thriving. Sometimes this task can get forgotten. Your child can water plants for the elderly. This can be house plants or watering grass or flowers in the garden.

10.) Cleaning gutters

Cleaning the gutters of neighbor homes is a great way to make money for kids.  This can be done year round and be done hands-free with tools like a hand-held sprayer.  This is a huge time saver and your neighbors will be thankful they don’t have to take care of this chore themselves.

Final recap

So you see, the opportunities for kids to make money are abundant. Let’s recap 10 ways for kids to make money:

1.) Yard work

2.) Pet sitting

3.) Dog walking

4.) Washing cars

5.) Become mom or dad’s assistant

6.) Open a lemonade stand

7.) Paid surveys

8.) Instagram

9.) Watering plants

10.) Cleaning the gutters

There are even more opportunities than this. For more ideas, brainstorm with your kids!

10 ways for kids to make money)

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