10 Creative Ways to Make Money-NO Internet Required

10 Creative Ways to Make Money-NO Internet Required

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10 Creative Ways to Make Money-NO Internet Required

10 Creative Ways to Make Money-NO Internet Required

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These days, everybody is buzzing about making extra money. People want it easy, they want it fast, AND they want to make a lot of money. Sometimes that can happen, often times their goals are outta reach. One thing most have in common is they want creative ways to make money but not necessarily online.

Keep reading to learn about these 10 creative ways to make money (not online)!

Earning a Side Hustle Creatively

Ok, so what makes this roundup different from the others you have read online or seen on Pinterest? These are creative ways to make money. You get to be creative, key word: creative. Because if you can make work fun, it’s not really work, or it doesn’t feel like it, at least. These side hustles let you explore your creative side and feel truly fulfilled while you’re making extra cash.

Ready for the roundup? Here we go…

1.) Recycling Your Electronics

Ok, what’s so creative about this. It lets you think outside the box. Those old cell phones you never got rid of, old ipods, and other electronics are valuable. You can get paid by turning them in.

How to Get Started? Some places to check out for this: Gazelle, EcoATM, your local pawn shop, or used electronics store.

2.) Start a Babysitting Business

Do you love kids? Are you like the baby whisperer of your neighborhood? Why not get into babysitting. You can make up to $50/hour baby sitting kiddos and the duties are pretty easy. You don’t need much skill to babysit, you just need to be a responsible adult who can tend to children and be present. Some babysitting duties might include: fixing afternoon snack, helping with homework, supervising as kids play outside or at the park, walk the dog, give children a bath and read a bedtime story, etc.

How to Get Started? You can check out and register for sites like Care.com. Also consider creating flyers and posting them in your neighborhood, school campus, etc.

3.) Start a Dogwalking Business

This is pretty similar to #2. If you are a pet lover, this can be super rewarding. You can walk multiple dogs at once, work for a few hours and make a lot of money. You can scale this pretty easily but hiring dogwalkers to work for you so you can focus on getting more customers and making this a bustling business.

How to Get Started? You can create and post flyers in your area. You can also put out an ad in your newspaper or phone book and do other marketing activities to get clients.

4.) Get a Part Time Job

This one is pretty self explanatory. Get a part time job. The end.

How to Get Started? Inquire about Help Wanted signs posted in businesses, get referred by a friend, or search online.

5.) Sell Used Books

You know those old college text books and other books lying around your house. Grab those and head to your local used book store or consignment shop and sell them.

How to Get Started? Here in Texas we have a place called Half Price Books that will pay you for your books. You can also head to college bookstores to try and trade or sell your books.

10 Creative ways to make money-no internet required

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6.) Mystery Shopping

I used to do this! It’s very rewarding and the pay isn’t bad. You can earn $25 to $100 (sometimes more) per shop. The idea is that businesses want to know how their employees and store is performing so they hire outside people to pretend to be customers, judge their experience and turn in feedback to the store. This is very useful for businesses.

How to Get Started? There are a ton of companies that do this. Do a thorough Google search to find companies to join.

7.) Garage Sale

Sell your stuff in a garage sale or rummage sale. Easy as that.  What’s cool is that you can sell your creative stuff here too like paintings, knits, etc.

8.) Get a Booth

Get a booth at your local carnival or city event. We had a family friend that used to do this for extra money and really loved it. He bought (or rented, I can’t remember) a food machine like a popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, etc. and sold food at the carnival downtown. Our city had carnivals year round, almost every month. He’d spend the weekend doing it, met a lot of people, sold tasty treats, and made money!

9.) Flea Market Flipping

This can be a full business and earn you six figures per year doing this. Check out our friends at fleamarketflipper.com to see how they do it!

10.) Deliver Food

Food delivery is taking off like nobody’s business! There are new companies sprouting up like weeds that offer new options for food delivery.

Some examples:

Not to mention the opportunity to drive around people with companies like Lyft or Uber (psstt..my brother in law did this and loves it).

Wrap Up

So you see, tons of opportunity to make extra money, no computer or internet required. What do you think? Share your thoughts down below in comments!

10 Creative ways to make money-no internet required

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