How to Start a Profitable Online Fashion Store from Scratch

How to Start a Profitable Online Fashion Store from Scratch

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How to Start a Profitable Online Fashion Store from Scratch

I’m going to share my story here and give you detailed instructions for making a profitable online fashion store from scratch. If you want to start your own online store, then this article is for YOU! Keep reading if you’re interested in breaking into ecommerce.

This can be suitable for all niches, not just fashion. So, if you’re interested in a home decor store, a fan gear store, etc. this will still work for you! Here we go.

Getting Started + My Personal Story

It all starts with an idea. What will you sell? What will make you successful? What makes you stand out from the crowd? For me, it was womens fashion apparel. I actually started my online store on a whim. I wanted to start a business and failed at previous attempts in different things (article writing, selling Twitter packages, selling used electronics, etc.).

I created my store on a free online store platform.

Prior to that, I sourced the product, figured out fulfillment and shipping and created a few social media accounts for the store.

So, the store launches. To my surprise I made a sale in week 1! It was for $25 and I was ecstatic!

A few months later I was earning a cool $1,000 to $1,200/month.

Then I branched off, selling in marketplaces and my income really exploded.

Just over a year after I started, I was making enough to quit my day job to devote all my time and energy to the store. And so I did!

Pick a Niche

How to Start a Profitable Online Fashion Store from Scratch

This is critical, guys. Your niche is your store category. What will you sell and why? If you wanna sell baby head wraps because you love them and have a real passion for it, go for it! Keep in mind though, it takes more than passion to run a profitable store.

You want to understand the market. Are you solving a problem? Is there competition? Is your product trending, assured to die out in the future?

Ask yourself these questions and do a good bit of research before you decide on what you wanna sell. Once you do pick your niche, it’s time for sourcing!

What’s Sourcing?

Sourcing your product means you will find where you will get your product. Will you dropship from a retailer? Take in inventory from a wholesaler? Sell digital products with no inventory?

It’s very important to do thorough research to figure this out.

For those carrying physical inventory, there are a ton of online forums and resources to find wholesalers online.

For fashion, I turned to these sources:

How to Start a Profitable Online Fashion Store from Scratch

Some wholesalers may require a business permit so make sure you have your business structure set (sole proprietor, LLC, etc.) and have your business documents for your state.

Setting Up Shop

Setting up your online store is a snap. Go with this company. They are paid, not free, but worth every penny and will put you on the right path to creating an attractive, professional online store.

I recommend going with the middle plan that comes with analytics and reporting. Super helpful and will come in handy when you are trying to figure out what days sell best, how much you earned in the month, etc.

Marketing your Store

This is how you’ll be getting customers. You don’t have to spend gobs of money on this either. I did mostly free marketing with my store and got up to $30K months before selling the store.

This is where social media will come in handy.

Grow your fanbase. Interact with fans and customers. Post cool stuff. Announce sales. Be active. Be consistent.

Your presence will grow and so will your sales.

You can go for paid marketing as well, especially if you wanna see a lot of sales from the beginning.

Facebook marketing is what a lot of new ecommerce businesses go for. Other social media marketing like Stumbleupon paid discovery, Google Adwords, and Pinterest promoted pins are also ways to attract customers.

Wrap Up

And there you have it, in a nutshell. You can follow the steps above to start a profitable online store in no time at all.

My biggest piece of advice: start now, don’t delay

I jumped in both feet first before I thought I was ready and it paid off big.

Good luck!

How to Start a Profitable Online Fashion Store from Scratch

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How to Start a Profitable Online Fashion Store from Scratch

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